Enough with the introductions already!

My name is Rich Ripley and I’m new to blogging.  I’ve always had a “sideways view” on life and been able to make others laugh with those expressed views and with what I’ve written to them in letters & e-mails.  It’s with their prompting that I’m now attempting this “grand endeavor” of blogging….that being said I’d like to be clear about a few things:

I don’t own a cell phone.

I still live in a cave.

I’m a middle aged white guy (45 to be exact).

I’ve been married to the same wonderful woman for over 22 years.

We have three daughters…ages 20-15.  They’re smart, beautiful girls and (thank God) take after their mother.

I write like I talk, so you may notice an entire paragraph is, maybe,  TWO sentences.  TWO.  LONG.  SENTENCES; and they’ll make perfect sense to 98% of the folks who read them.  If you’re a right brained, anal retentive grammer freak…close out of this blog right now before your head explodes (there’s that humor again)

My style of humor is mostly “tongue in cheek”…so if you don’t know if I’m trying to be “funny” or not…chances are…I am (insert uncomfortable chuckle here).

I’ll start out by posting some short stories & observations about me turning 45, here in the next few days.  I hope that you like them.


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