Letters to the editor…

Letters to the editor… 

Real letters from real people, with questions for me about my blog…I promise.

Fran from Keosauqua, Iowa asks…How about puttin’ some recipes in your blog?  Maybe some tater tots?  My husband can’t get enough of ‘em!  Fran…for the umpteenth time, check out one of the many church cookbooks that I’ve sent you through the years.  The First Presbyterian Church of Eddyville has a whole chapter dedicated to tots and took it to another level and wrote a special “dessert tots” chapter for good tot eating folks like you and your husband.  PS…does he have my lawnmower fixed yet?


Dan of Hiawatha, Iowa asks me….how did you become so tainted, so dark humored, so irresistible to the public?  Probably the same way a pile of manure attracts flies, Danny boy…I just don’t know…but it’s a mutual attraction just the same.


Steve of Spencer, Iowa writes me with this…in your story “They call me Dick Ripley” you incorrectly identified the TV program “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” as the first time that we were introduced to the character “Maude” played by Bea Arthur, whereas our first correct introduction to the late actress was on the television show All in the Family as Edith Bunkers cousin.  Please make this correction to your story.  Correction made Steve!  Thank you for calling my attention to this matter and good luck getting your Bea Arthur Fan Club off the ground in Spencer.  Keep me posted on upcoming Club meetings!


Imogene from Fort Meyers, Florida writes….how about writing a little more about prostate health.  Your wish is my command Imogene!  The term “prostate” comes from the Greek term that (loosely translated) means “one who stands before; protector; guardian”.  But in today’s medical terms it’s been defined as “to probe every five years with an index finger”.  Weird translation, ay?  But all things considered Imogene, there are more reasons to have your prostate checked regularly than you can shake a stick at…which in my humble opinion would be a whole lot easier and much more comfortable than the current method of checking my prostates health as it leaves me breathless…to say the least.   Good question though Imogene.


Brian of Webster City, Iowa questions me on this…In your “Red Carpet…Farm Expo Style” blog, you could’ve made it funnier with the mention of the Canadian tractor, Cockshutt brand.  Imagine Milo, Ralph and (especially) Ole commenting on the old Cockshutt tractors, and the name Cockshutt itself is quite funny.  You missed a golden opportunity for some quick and easy giggles.  Dear Brian, thank you for writing me with your ideas for me to “be funnier”.  Honestly…I don’t know much about tractors but I do know that when I initially tried to do a “search” on the internet for “cockshutt” I was literally overwhelmed by…how can I say this delicately for the ladies in the audience…the unsavory links that popped up…many that I didn’t know could even exist.  So I’ll stick with a little more mundane terms.  “Cockshutt”, now that’s funny!


That’s all the time that we have for the old mailbag today kids.  Thanks for tuning in!    Rich


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