Real letters from around the world, to moi

Letters to the Editor part deux…


Real letters from real people…I swear.

Barry from Viola, Illinois writes me with this question…I’ve read your blog since the late nineteen sixties and have yet to see any “letters” from anywhere but the continental United States.  Do you have any letters from anywhere “exotic”?   First let me thank you, Barry, for your constant readership of my blog.  It’s “regular” everyday dudes like you who make this country of ours a great and wonderful place to live.  Two thumbs up to you and every other American who do their fair share of work, often unnoticed, and pay their taxes (both real and imagined).  Yours is a great question and I give you my answer in the following three letters from “exotic” places from around God’s green earth.

Wajda G. of Parzeczew, Poland writes me this little compliment…Kiedy mozna przyjechac do Polski a powiedz nam swoje historie w osobie Stare Wielkie & madry Richard?  You’re trying to sweet talk me aren’t you, Wajde?  I may eventually come to Poland, but it’ll be a while my Polish friend.  (Editor’s note…their computers’ “spell check” over there in Poland must go crazy whenever they press that function!  Check out that crazy language!)  Nice letter though.


Leoni S. of Monchengladbach, Germany jabs me with this back-handed compliment (remember, Barry, she’s from Germany)  Ich frage mich, wo sie solche verruckte Ideen sie schoner junger Mann!  Honestly…you haben wie ein junges David Hasselhoff!  Leoni…I’m part German but 100% AMERICAN MAN so get off me about looking like a young David Hasselhoff! Thanks for writing and keeping a vigilant eye on the Russians.


Thiago Q. of Florianopolis, Brazil complains to me in this letter…impressionar!  Voce media no meio com idades entre os homens na America don’t tem muito a reclamar sobre realmente.  While I agree with you on many of your letters points of debate, Thiago, I should point out to you that we have the Canadians and Mexicans to deal with, not to mention our addiction to bacon…so walk a mile in my shoes my Portuguese speaking friend.  You’re more than welcome to come up to Iowa in January and shovel some snow (look…you’ve got me all riled up now).  Thanks for writing…even if it was somewhat derogatory.


There you go Barry, some “letters from abroad” verses “a letter from a broad”; which I receive frequently.  Thanks for asking and keep those letters coming!  Rich



2 thoughts on “Real letters from around the world, to moi

    • one with too much spare time on his hands Aaron. 🙂 Speaking of which…I have beef brisket and pork ribs on the grill…slowly smoking and cooking…in that order. thank you for reading and commenting.

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