My Top 10 List of Disney Rides! Oh BOY!!

Rich’s Top Ten List of Disney World Rides That

 I Want To Try Out On Vacation


1.   Tarzan & Jane’s Tunnel of Jungle Love.

2.   Snow White & Her Multiple Personalities Castle.

3.   Chasing Cars with Pluto. 

4.   Scoring the Babes with Goofy.

5.   Pickin’ Up Prostitutes with former NBA great, Charles Barkley…oh wait a minute…that’s a Six Flags ride.

6.   How to properly clean a carcass with Simba The Lion King.

7.   “Little Mermaid’s Big Adventure” brought to you by Star-Kist Tuna & Bass Tracker Fishin’ Boats.  “When you want the big fish get yerself a TRACKER BOAT!” 

8.   Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, sponsored in part by AMBIEN CR. For a full nights rest, talk to your doctor about prescription strength, AMBIEN CR.

9.   Epcot’s Depleted Natural Resources. It’s your Fault!

10.    “My feelings of inadequacy ragin’ river ride” by Quasimodo &  Xanax.

If you’ve heard of some other rides that I should try…please leave me a comment and I’ll consider riding it.  I love summer!



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