Oh the places that I’ve been and the things that I’ve heard…

A Top Ten List Of Things That Were Heard Or Said On Our

Family Vacation To Florida


1.     “I couldn’t hear you over the screaming monkeys.”  Macy at the Rain Forest Café in Disney World.

2.     “I just got pooped on, so did my chicken wrap!”  Rich, while eating under a tree at the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Disney World.  Damn birds.

3.     “AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!”  A French lady, getting attacked by seagulls going after the piece of pizza in her hand, at Clearwater Beach, Florida.  Again with the damn birds.

4.     “THERE’S A JELLYFISH IN MY SHORTS!!”  Rich, while floating in the Gulf of Mexico at Clearwater Beach, Florida. (the old “air bubble trapped in my swimming trunks” trick)

5.     “I don’t want to eat at any place that smells like a basement.”  Karalee commenting about the possibility of us eating at a Bob Evans in Paducah, Kentucky.  That smell at a Bob Evans in Indianapolis, Indiana has ruined her opinion of that restaurant chain…forever.

6.     “I FORGOT TO PACK ANY SHOES!”  Jordan, when we had already driven about four hundred miles away from home.  She bought some new ones in a Macon, Georgia Walmart, the next day.

7.     “This is a veggie burger!  Jordan…you just ate my Whopper!!”  Connie to Jordan in a Lake City, Florida Burger King.  (Jo is a vegetarian, who had ordered a veggie burger, but wasn’t paying attention and inhaled Connie’s Whopper accidentally)

8.     “SIR!!  PUT OUT THE CIGARETTE!!  IF YOU’D LIKE I CAN INSTRUCT YOU WHERE YOU CAN SMOKE!!”  A Disney World employee, over a loud speaker, to a man who had just started smoking at the Disney World Animal Kingdom Park.  He just about had a heart attack from the look on his face.  (Big Brother is watching)

9.     “Thank you Lord for this food that we’re about to eat.”  A father leading his young family in prayer at an East Ridge, Tennessee Wendy’s.

10.  “That ‘MacAllister’s’ looks like a good place to eat…oh, wait a minute…never mind….it’s a dry cleaning place.”  Rich, while cruising down Hinkleville Road in Paducah, Kentucky…looking for a place to eat that night.  We ended up at a Panera s…but I stand by my observation….it did look like a nice place to eat.


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