Letters to the Editor part 8

Letters to the editor part 8


I’ve only got bits and pieces of stuff to say.

Kandi A. of rural Tipton, IA e-mailed this question to me “How’s the blogging going? Do you get any fan mail that you don’t print?” “Oh heck yeah Kandi, I get fan mail all of the time, mostly from the state pen, but it’s fan mail just the same. Say I see that you’re from Tipton, you’re probably an old Tigerette or Lady Tiger aren’t ya? The state of Iowa had lots a girls high school teams that just added “ette” to the end of the mascot names for the girls. For example, my school was known as the Bennett Bombers, but the girls were the Bomberettes. Now how ridiculous is that? One small school in Iowa is the Everly Cattlefeeders and the girl’s team is the Cattlefeederettes. Check out their folksy site at http://www.everlycattlefeeders.com. My wife’s high school was the Estherville Midgets and the Midgettes. Aaaahhh….rural Iowa, I still love you….all hot, steamy and politically incorrect. Point of interest Kandi…the Bombers usually thrashed the Tipton Tigers.

Brian R. of rural Webster City, IA (the Lynx) asks this question “How do folks find your blog site?” You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth Brian. I post my writing on WordPress.com then alert my groupies (aka family and friends) via e-mail, then announce it on Facebook. Some folks accidentally come to my website by doing a computer search and Google takes them to my blog which may or may not have one or several of their search words in it. On the administrative side of my site I can see the phrases that have brought folks doing those searches to my blog. They are as follows: naked Chattanooga, women who stand naked in hotel windows (I don’t know, seriously), Aledo Farm Bureau, souvenir magnets for Six Flags, and Purina Mills LeanMetrics Junior Pig Starter. I’m dead serious…all of those were real searches that ended up on my site, and I’d think that the guy who was looking for “naked Chattanooga” was probably real disappointed and I doubt that he read my blog…the illiterate perv.

Iva Jean P. of Grand Rapids, MI. penciled me a nice note that asked, “What happened to your old WordPress site? I liked the one old much better!” Hells bells Iva Jean you’re the only one who’s complained so far. But anyway, thanks for the input. As it turns out, I can switch out the layout of my WordPress site at any time for no charge. After reading some other blogs and checking out their layout I thought that this new one would be more interesting to look at, especially for anyone new to the site. I’ve also added a “Blogroll” of other writers who do a great job with what they do, so check them out if you like. The first is http://www.emjayandthem.wordpress.com. The second is http://www.youngamericanwisdom.com. Both are fun to read and do a good job. Their link is on the right column under Blogroll as well. I plan on adding others as I find them; maybe some along the college football genre.

Barb K. of Joy, IL left me the nicest voice mail the other night with this compliment “Your band Rowdy Rich and the Funky Bunch absolutely rocked at the Mercer County Pot Hole Days Street Dance in downtown Joy!! Fun times and great rock n roll music!! ROCK ON!!”  PS..WOOT WOOT!!”  That’s sweet Barb and I genuinely appreciate all of our loyal fans coming out to see us in the sweltering heat and humidity of a mid July evening, though in all honesty I need to fess up, that wasn’t us, it was Styx. As it turns out our drummers ex-wife wouldn’t loan him her minivan to get his drums to Joy, and our bass player had to work at Pizza Hut that night so we had to call in a favor and see if Styx would cover us that night, and they did a wonderful job. I did make it to the concert, I had one solo, I did the sound checks around four that afternoon. The guy setting up the Port-O-Johns remarked that it was the finest sound check that he’d ever heard (and he does A LOT of county fairs, Barb). Maybe we’ll get booked for next year’s Pot Hole Days Street Dance, but I hear that you’re looking pretty close at Buck Owens and the Buckaroos. Nice guy. Sharp dresser. He’ll be good. I hope that he sings my favorite Buck Owens song called “I’ve got a Tiger by the Tail” or maybe it was Tigerette?

Thanks for writing kids. Don’t forget to water the plants.




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