Top Ten Reasons That Dave Likes The Dells

More Than Disney World


1.     That creepy Walt Disney ghost doesn’t wake me up in the middle of the night. GO TO THE LIGHT  Walt!!

2.     Free all you care to eat pickled egg jar in every hotel room.

3.     Wearing pants to supper is optional.  I love Wisconsin!

4.     I get to stay in the hotel room that Led Zeppelin trashed during their 1971 tour.  It still smells like livestock! 

5.      At Disney World you get salad bars; at the Dells you get beer buffets!

6.     The Dells has their very own “Maple Syrup Slide” that ends in a pool of “Little Sizzlers”.  It’s a slide.  It’s a MEAL!

7.     Country music legend Buck Owens is our host, our entertainer & my best friend while staying at the Dells.

8.     Pluto keeps humping Kim’s leg whenever we stay at Disney World.  Kim’s cool with it, but our kid is starting to ask questions… 

9.     The new ride at Disney World “The Obominator” is a crazy wild ride.  Here’s a tip for all you kids out there…don’t eat at a breakfast buffet prior to riding “The Obominator”.  They’re still finding eggs benedict in the treetops surrounding the Magic Kingdom’s Obominator ride.  My bad.

10.  The Dells has $1 jello shots and $3 well drinks at 8 o’clock in the morning.  HELLO bumper cars!