Little known facts

Little known facts:

· The TV commercial jingle for Oscar Meyer “My bolognie has a first name” was written by Gordon Lightfoot after enjoying a bolognie sandwich after a concert in Cleveland, OH in 1976. He’s hated himself every since for writing & selling it.

· If there really is such a thing as comfort food…mine would either be a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich, bbq potato chips and an ice cold Pepsi OR grilled chilidogs with minced onion on top. Oohhh…my chest hurts.

· Pink Floyd’s song “Another brick in the wall” was the anthem for my generation with their lyric “hey…teachers…leave those kids alone!!” Aren’t they like seventy years old now? Sobering.

 · Anything that has “lard” as an ingredient is automatically 50% better tasting. Anything.

· Someone recently touted Saskatchewan Canada as the “Worlds Bread Basket” and everyone knows that Wisconsin is “Americas Dairyland” which is fine and dandy in my book, but can someone please tell me where the “Worlds Cookie Jar” is located? It’d darn well better be centrally located to Iowa or I’m gonna be pissed. And what about “Americas Donut Shop”? I ain’t gonna drive 2500 miles for a great donut I’m telling ya that right now.

· Is it just me or does the air inside a churches sanctuary make anyone else drowsy? I’m a Christian and maybe it’s just the safe, warm feeling of being in my Fathers house that makes me sleepy…but can we open some windows, turn on a fan or pick up the pace so I can catch the whole sermon for once?

· Grape juice…it’s not just for Communion any more.

· Well-known American song writing duo, Rodgers and Hammerstein, having written such popular Broadway musicals as Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, and South Pacific wrote the popular 1980’s advertising jingle “I am stuck on Band Aids cuz Band Aids are stuck on me” during a writers strike in the 1960’s to help pay their bills. It’s in my Top Five R & H songs play list. It really is. I hear that a musical is in the works!

· Early on in our marriage, I used to chase Connie around the room until she let me catch her. Nowadays I just wait until she’s had a couplea glasses of wine then she’s all “Com ‘mer you handsome rascal!” True story.

· You know you live in a sparsely populated state when while driving a couplea hundred miles away from your state you see a car with your states license plate pass you on the interstate and you careen your neck to look inside that car to see if you recognize anyone. “HEY!! THAT WAS BOB AND DELORES JOHNSON FROM CHURCH!! I SWEAR IT IS!!

· I think that The Miracles song “I’m just a love machine (and I won’t work for nobody but you)” would be an excellent theme song for male erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra. Or if you’re an old timey farmer/western cowboy type, Box Car Willie’s “Hey Good Lookin’” would be appropriate. (Don’t ask me how I come up with this stuff) Listen to the links.

The Miracles

 Box Car Willie

Decide for yourselves and let me know which you prefer.

Little known facts…share ‘em with others.


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