4000 views? Are you serious?

Things that I’ve learned at the 4K-view mark.

After five months of blogging I’ve quit e-mailing alerts to my family & friends that I’ve posted a new blog.  I felt like the little boy that draws a picture then runs around the room shouting to anyone who will listen “look what I can do!”  It’s cut my blog views by 60%.  If I were a business I’d be having a “going out of business sale” real soon!  As much as I like my blog being read by many, I feel it’s more important for it to stand on it’s on merit…however little that might be.

That the blog is a creative outlet for my odd sense of humor.  Folks have told me that I have a wry and witty sense of humor.  That’s nice of them to say, and I genuinely appreciate it. Translated it means “only 1 in 10 people find you funny”.  I ain’t changin’.

That try as I might…I still can’t get my website to look like I want it too.  It’s free so I can’t complain.

That mostly women comment on my blog, like 99% of the time.  I have a couplea theories on this, but the one that I’m going with is that guys generally are in front of the TV, or if they’re on the computer they’re not interested in hearing me quip funny.

That if you read “between-the-lines” you can hear what folks are writing about in their blogs.  With my blog…you’re guess is as good as mine.  I don’t go into “deep thoughts” willingly, just ask my wife.  Until then…the usual nonsense will have to suffice. 

I’ll end with this.  WordPress has a system in place for folks wanting to comment on a blog.  It’s some sort of filtering device that stops mass e-mailings from appearing on your “comments” until you’ve either approved of them or trashed them as SPAM.  As anyone who’s read some of my blogs can attest, my subject matter can attract some odd SPAM occasionally.  My favorite is this little nugget that has appeared in my SPAM file twice “I read your blog and found it to be totally worthless.  Why don’t you quit whining or stop writing, or both.”  (my mother…she teases me so)




3 thoughts on “4000 views? Are you serious?

  1. Hhmmm, here’s a thought: maybe the guys who’d like your sense of humor can’t read?? But that doesn’t explain why we females do like it. Oh, I know! One thing that women find very attractive in a man is a sense of humor! Mystery solved.

    • I wouldn’t say that I’m “attractive” so much as I’m “less-than-appallling”. My bride still thinks I’m handsome and that’s good enough for me! 🙂 Maybe you’re right about the “humor and literacy” thing.

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