3 Doctors & nothing to show for it

Ahh…trips to the doctor have taken on a new meaning in the last year.  For example, I told my family doctor that I had to visit him three separate times in the last year for “pain explanation and med’s to relieve pain” (something that I’ve never had to do before the age of 44.  After an examination and listening to what I did prior to the injury he simply said “here’s a prescription to help with the pain, hire someone younger to do your heavy lifting from now on.”  Nice.  I’ve been doing this job since 1985, lifting moderately heavy stuff, pulling two thousand pound + pallets, and the like, and now I’m being told that I’m getting a little too old to be doing the “young guy” job with the same reckless abandon that I approach the job now.  “Just get it done” has been my credo for some time.  Now I approach it by asking for some help from others, or like the doctor told me….by having a younger person tackle the job (age & experience should have some perks).  Anyway it goes along with what my other doctor has been telling me.

I went see my ophthalmologist for my yearly visit.  Mind you, I don’t wear glasses or contacts, yet, but he’s been telling me for two years “reading glasses are coming up fast.”  I don’t mind that he’s telling me, he’s such a positive young guy “read the bottom line, SUPER!  Is this lens better, or worse?  GREAT JOB!”  I can’t help but wonder that if I had had that much positive reinforcement in grade school that maybe  I would have amounted to something a little more prestigious than lower management in retail, but I won’t blame my elementary teachers for that….yet.  He explained away the twitch in my left eye (it’s stress bubbling to the surface and not the brain tumor that I had wondered about.) Anyway….according to my eye doctor, I honestly don’t know his name, reading glasses are “on the horizon” for yours truly, to which I replied that he might get arrested because “covering this face of mine would be a crime against humanity itself.”  That brought a good laugh, then he handed me his bill and recommended a starting strength for said reading glasses.  I’m not giving up that easy. 

And finally my dentist.  I had an old dentist, a great guy who told wonderful fishing stories and had a few one-liners that kept me entertained.  He too had a positive attitude and brought me back twice a year (I hate having my teeth and gums poked and scratched) so you understand how much I liked the person that he was.  He retired and sold his business to a man half his age, who comes in and does his thing very quickly, professionally and unfortunately a little impersonally.  That’s too bad, I kinda like him and would allow him to lie some about how good a fisherman he is (Do you call someone’s bluff who’s holding a drill above you as you lay prostrate?  No.)

Anyway…I’m good for the next twelve months…unless I strain another muscle or have some other pain that keeps me awake at night…then it’s off to see the good doctor again…the young punk.


5 thoughts on “3 Doctors & nothing to show for it

  1. Yes, getting old does suck, but it beats the alternative! Welcome to the club. Now it’s up to you to head off the aging process (strength training?). You’re already doing something right…keeping laughter in the equation. Also, I hear those $6 drugstore reading glasses are great.

  2. Hey I feel great and I’ve got bifocals, crowns on my teeth and a cortisone shot in my knee. Comes with the territory. Believe me, you’ll be glad you kept up the maintenance once you retire and can really start having some fun.

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