The outside of me. 

I haven’t written in over a week, I’ve been focused on others.  Others needs.  Others meals.  Others happiness.  Other…than me, and that’s made me feel more alive than I have for quite a while. 

Let me ask you a question, are you happy?  If your answer was “no”, then when was the last time you examined what you’ve done for others happiness?  When was the last time you did a selfless act of love for another person?  Did you do it to gain favor with this person or did you do it to lift their sagging spirit?  You can tell by the way you felt about it afterwards.  Did you expect a “thank you” or perhaps a favor returned in the future?  Check your motives. 

I spent the better part of my free time this past weekend helping out at a Christian men’s retreat.  Serving meals, paying for their lodging and food, writing letters to them and praying for them.  I feel great.  I think that we were created for this purpose…expressing our love (in the image of Christ) towards others

There are so many easy ways to express your love towards others its insanely easy. 

  • A greeting card/note/phone call to the elderly, lonely or to someone struggling.
  • Paying for someone’s “drive-up” order without them realizing it until you’ve already driven away.
  • A meal delivered.
  • A lawn raked (maybe not so simple…but hugely appreciated)
  • A devotion that meant a lot to you sent to a friend who can benefit from it.
  • Deliver flowers to your wife’s workplace.
  • Plant tulip bulbs where your wife doesn’t expect tulips to appear in seven months. (patience)
  • Do a few chores.
  • Be patient.
  • Be kind.
  • (__________________) fill in the blank.

Get outside of yourself and look around.  Some folks need you…and they don’t know it…yet. 

Do it out of love.