It’s an understatement that I have a sweet tooth. 

I love dessert.  Unless there’s something like steak, BBQ’ed ribs, broasted chicken, smoked ham or some dish that’s loaded with bacon, cheese and or sautéed mushrooms and onions then I’d (honestly) just as soon eat dessert first.  I’m dead serious.

Recently I returned home from the bakery with a triple chocolate bundt cake.  After slicing myself a thick, healthy slice I cracked open the vanilla ice cream and added a couplea scoops to the already cake crowded plate.  My wife took one look at the massively sweet dessert and exclaimed “How are you NOT THREE HUNDRED POUNDS!?”  I replied, “I bust my ass almost eleven hours a day” which went over like a turd in a punch bowl, but I was focused and in my “dessert zone” with my heart racing and body all goose-bumpily.  Dessert.  MMMMmmmm.

Honestly…I’m an equal opportunity dessert-fiend.  Pie, pie alamode, cake, cake alamode, brownies, brownie alamode, cookies, bars, ice cream, and any dessert that includes hot fudge sauce, and “breakfast” pastries (again, in my world) are dessert-worthy participants as well,…but not candy.  In my world, candy is candy, it isn’t dessert.  Dessert is enjoyed after a meal, even though it might be “eyed” with dinner in progress or anytime I find the time to eat a dessert…like anytime after breakfast.  Candy is something that you enjoy during a break while at work, or in a car, or if you’re short on time and dessert (it’s a poor substitute…but I’ve done it).  Don’t even get me started on pudding or Jello gelatin being a dessert, Bill Cosby was wrong.  You eat pudding or Jello when you’re sick and can’t handle rich and delectable delights.  Come clean Cosby!!

I’ll take my medicine with hot fudge sauce and whipped cream on top.

What’s your favorite “can’t say ‘no’ to dessert that you cut an extra big piece of for yourself?  Be honest!