I feel good again about college football

Just when you think that the system is broken along comes a game like last nights Iowa State victory over Oklahoma State in a football game.  The followers of college football, like myself, as well as most of the country has been in a state of shock, disgust and or disbelief about the child abuse charges stemming from a former football coach at Penn State University.  The story has been told and retold, with it’s sordid details, that I don’t feel inclined to repeat it here.  What happened at Penn State was awful, and it could happen practically anywhere where power goes unchecked.  What is particularly disturbing is that Penn State University officials, as well as their long time, honored and distinguished coach Joe Paterno, may have had knowledge of this abuse for years and did very very little, if anything, to stop it….thus more children were sexually abused.  It’s been terrible to watch the fans and players, of Penn State, go through this and college fans around the country have had to reevaluate “at what cost” do you trust the head of your favorite team, at what cost do you pledge your allegiance to a university?  College football is supposed to be fun, an escape…something to follow and cheer for…something that you can take a kid to and hope that something fun or exciting happens.  It’s been a couplea bad weeks for college football in general….a dark cloud shrouds what was once thought of as “good and admirable.”  Last night…in Ames Iowa…the cloud was lifted, for at least…a moment….a diversion from the legal ranglings in State College Pennsylvania. 


The lowly football team from Iowa State University, a university known more for producing veterinarians, engineers and nice people produced the seasons biggest upset by beating the number two team in the nation, Oklahoma State.  Iowa State was a four touchdown underdog, looking for it’s sixth win so it could be eligible for a bowl game, it was Senior Night, it had a freshman quarterback who is just nineteen years old starting in just his third game…lining up against an OSU squad who had won it’s previous ten games in lopsided fashion, with a 28 year old Heisman candidate quarterback. The Oklahoma State football team is very, very good.  Iowa State didn’t stand a chance, so what does ISU do?  It claws and scrapes and wills it’s way into double overtime where it stuns the college football world with a victory almost worthy of a Disney movie script.  College football was fun again…at least if you were in-between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers last night

Oklahoma State 31….Iowa State….37

Watch this video link from the ISU locker room last night and your faith in college football may be renewed again. 


This doesn’t erase the PSU scandal, let the wrongdoers be found guilty and sent to prison…but it’s nice to feel good about something that I follow and am fond of. 

Thank you Iowa State



3 thoughts on “I feel good again about college football

  1. I wish Oklahoma State won so those kids who had been dealing with tragedy all day had something to smile about. Then I would REALLY feel good about college football again.

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