Top 10 Rejected College Bowl Sponserships

It’s college bowl selection time and here are some of the lesser known bowls and their forgotten or rejected bowl sponsorships.


Top 10 Rejected

College Bowl Sponsorships

Brought to you by…Tostitos.  Always fresh & delicious! TOSTITOS! 

1.     The Clear Lax Bowel Health Bowl (the free samples didn’t go over so good)

2.     The Trojan Condom Bowl (sometimes shoulder pads & a helmet just aren’t enough  protection) 

3.     The Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Bowl (this  is why your deductible is going up)

4.     The Stayfree maxi pad Cotton Bowl (the only folks excited were the cheerleaders) 

5.     The Detroit Motor City Bowl (It’s in Detroit.  It’s in December.  It’s played at Ford Field.  What’s not to like?!)

6.     The KFC Gator Bowl (is it chicken or gator?  Both are light, flakey and moist when properly prepared)

 7.     The “Big Al’s Bail Bonds Rose Bowl”  (Big Al loves ya even when your mama don’t)

8.     The Keyna West Music City Bowl (the winner gets their trophy ripped away from them by the infamous rapper)

 9.     The John Deere Ag Bowl (one team wears all John Deere green uniforms, while the other team wears all John Deere yellow uni’s.  (Motion sickness pills available at the concession areas)

 10.  The Port-O-John Bowl (after years of helping millions of tailgaters relieve themselves in what amounts to a “self enclosed toxic assault on your senses” we thought we’d pony up for a bowl, plus the trophy is killer!)


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