Things I’ve learned. Totally free marriage advice for newly weds

The richripley marriage advice hot-sheet

for all

newly married couples

Congratulations on your wedding.  Here is some advice for all newly married couples….totally free of charge to you.  You can thank me later.

  • You’ll both do stupid things that will irritate the crap out of each other.  Neither of you is perfect, learn to deal with it.
  • Learn how to compromise with each other.
  • Don’t do stuff that will hurt the other one. (Sounds simple enough)
  • Spend less money than you bring in.  Having some money in the bank is a good thing (don’t worry…something will come up that you’ll spend it on like: brakes for the car, a broken arm, etc)
  • Pay your bills on time.  You’ll need a good credit score when you need to buy a car or house.  Start small, pay it off on time.
  • Life is rough, stay close to each other and family.  Go to church together, get involved in a small faith group or at least pray together.
  • Even if money is tight…plan a “date night.”  Picnic.  Rent a movie and have pizza; get together with family and friends.  Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.
  • Trust your spouse.  Forgive your spouse.  Do right  by your spouse.
  • Don’t rehash his or her failures.  Learn from them, move on.
  • Celebrate your victories.
  • Did I mention earlier that you’d both do stupid things that will irritate the crap out of each other? 


  • You might not always agree with each other, and that’s okay.
  • Sometimes he’s/she’s right and you’re just being too sensitive.  It probably won’t be that big of a deal a couplea weeks from now.
  • Sometimes he’s/she’s right and you’re just too proud to admit it.  Admit your mistake, apologize, hug and move on.
  • You were single once, that life is gone.  Focus your loving attention on your spouse.
  • Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that you stop romancing your spouse.  Take care of yourself.  Wear their favorite cologne/perfume.  Ask them what “trips their trigger” and learn to do it well.  “Practice makes perfect” is what I’ve always heard.
  • Your parents aren’t as stupid as you once thought.  Suddenly…overnight…they sound like freakin’ rocket scientists!
  • Mothers & Mother-in-laws make great babysitters, holiday meal advisors and usually already know the stuff that you’ll need to learn.  Keep them on “friendly terms.”
  • Fathers & Father-in-laws are usually great guys who know a lot of people, know how to do a lot of cool stuff and will offer an occasional rational opinionOccasional, like everytime you speak to him.  He means well and he’s been known to be right more often than not. 
  • Guys fart and belch a lot (and find it amusing).  This isn’t a character flaw; it’s inexpensive entertainment for him.  Get used to it.
  • Gals take way too long to get ready to go anywhere (it doesn’t matter if you’re going to the grocery store, video store or to England to meet the Queen).  Move up your “leaving time” by half an hour, then when she’s thirty-five minutes past that time you’re still only five minutes late.  Get used to it.
  • She always knows more than she’s letting on.  Tell the truth.
  • He’s really not ignoring your half anniversary, half birthday, anniversary of your first date/kiss/pizza shared together…whatever; guys don’t remember three quarters of the stuff that you think are “monumental events” worthy of celebrating.  He’s not insensitive, he’s a guy.
  • Surprise each other with stuff.  Cookies.  Flowers. A date.  Stuff your spouse loves to do/eat/watch/read…whatever.
  • Being married can be a boring, listless, dull relationship OR it can be full of romance, fun, joy, laughter, love, excitement & wonderful memories.  It’s your responsibility now to make it what you want it to become and it’ll probably be all of the above during the course of your lifetime. 

Good luck. 

Rich Ripley



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