Super Secret Blogs That I Haven’t Written…Yet.

This is the first Christmas season that I’ve blogged for and I’ve just got to say one thing….I’m out of gas (not so much the methane kind but the creative, blog inspiring kind…just ask my wife).  Anyway…I’ve made it clear that I work retail and this is the time of year when stress can take a toll on a person’s spirit and so forth.  I love Christmas…I just love it when it’s done and in the rear view mirror.  Celebrate Jesus’ birth…absolutely.  Celebrate it with over-commercialism, low low prices on name brand electronics and excess…not so much.  I’m a quiet Christmas sort of person now.  That brings me to my next point…


…the blogs that I didn’t post this past year and why.  I usually have around three or four blog ideas, roughed out and ready to be polished and posted but for whatever reason I’ve held back and not polished these.  Maybe 2012 will be their time to shine.  They are as follows:


  • Cat food and other atrocities.  Most of the food we feed our old cat gets hacked back up an hour later…so yeah.
  • Why I shouldn’t be left alone with Christmas cookies.  An idea that I just had yesterday.
  • Where are you Old Spice soap on a rope!?  You gotta be at least 45 to understand this blog.
  • I miss my barber.  An old barber named Dick used to cut my hair.  He was about five foot four inches, a slight man in his seventies.  He wore a light blue smock, told great stories and the occasional off-color joke from the nineteen sixties.  He was a classy smoker, which meant that he had the fragrance of cigarette smoke about him but didn’t smell of it.  His hands were soft and he knew what he was doing, even when he’d trim my nose hairs with a pair of eight-inch shears (my nose hair wasn’t that long…that’s just what he used).  Anyway…he retired and I go to Cindy now.  Great gal, a real talker and knows how to cut my hair…but she won’t go near my nose with a ten foot pole.
  • Gyms of the Wapsi Conference.  Cracker box small gyms that I used to play basketball in.  So small that when the point guard drove along the side line the guys on the bench would have to move or climb up onto the bench to get out of his way.  The visiting teams locker room was sometimes mistaken for a janitors closet or boiler room.  My least favorite was Bellevue Marquette’s wrought iron spiral staircase that led from the dressing room part of the locker room to the upper deck part of the locker room that housed the showers.  Going up and coming down that staircase you’d get dripped on.
  • This is National Public Radio.  I feel so classy waking up to violins, pianos and announcers with British accents.  It’s like having a butler wake you up, “Yes Jeeves…bring me my Pop-Tarts posthaste.”
  • Today’s sermon is brought to you by….(so many jokes here…but I won’t go there today).
  • Today my town smells like…Captain Crunch.  The benefits of living in a city that houses the largest breakfast cereal factory in the world.  You should be here when they make Crunchberry!


 Thanks for reading and may you all have a merry & blessed Christmas.



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