A week of grace

My Dad passed away a week ago today.  It’s been the toughest week of my life, made easier by the prayers, kind deeds and thoughtful words of many, many folks. You were an angel of sorts, sent to lift us…to walk with us through this valley of sadness and loss. Though I might not mention you by name, your act of loving kindness isn’t forgotten or overlooked.


  • Thank you to all of our family, friends and old neighbors who drove from as far away as Florida, South Carolina, Colorado and Illinois to help shoulder our loss.


  • Thank you to my co-workers who drove an hour out to Tipton then an hour back just to express their condolences.  To my co-managers who took on my responsibilities, as well as their own, so I could minister to my Mother and grieve on my own.  I may not have any biological sisters, but I have several gals at work who’ve adopted me as their “little brother”.  They don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into.


  • Thank you to all of me and my brother’s old high school friends stopping by and visiting with us.  We haven’t seen some in a long, long time.  I introduced myself to one of my brothers friends and told him “I always wanted to ride in one of your cool muscle cars back in ’76 Chuck, but I was always too young.”  The guy gave me a quizzical look, then literally a couplea minutes later turned to me, pointed his finger and announced “YOU’RE DICK RIPLEY AREN’T YOU?!”  Yes, Chuck…yes I am.


  • Thank you to Pastor Barb.  You did a great job at Dad’s visitation and service.  I understand now why Dad and Mom hold you in such high esteem.


  • Thank you to the American Legion Honor Guard sending Dad off with a U.S. flag draped coffin, the playing of Taps, and gun salute.  So honorable, so cool, so very, very touching & moving.  It was a privilege being with you that day.



  • Thank you to David Fry Funeral Home.  Your professionalism, courtesy, kindness and thoughtfulness of you and your staff blew us away. 



  • Thank you to the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary putting on a fine lunch after the service.  Small towns do themselves proud


  • Thank you to the cemetery caretaker hand digging a grave in January, in a lonesome, windswept country cemetery surrounded by barren fields. I swear I could smell fresh cut hay on the wind out there.  It’ll be pretty come spring out there, and as weird as it sounds…I’m looking forward to visiting.  In a word it will be peaceful.


  • Thank you to all who’ve commented on “Thanks Dad…”.  Your kind thoughts are appreciated.


It’s time now to get back to a normal routine….and I’m looking forward to it.

3 thoughts on “A week of grace

  1. and Thank you Uncle Charlie for letting us hang with you for a couple of months. Heck what is one more brother – Rich you are such a strong person and know that if there is anything you need from me I will be there. You helped me so much when my dad passed as I was on a path of destruction and you put your faith in me! I finally found what I needed to deal with my dads death and you helped me find that. I am so sorry for your loss but will keep my favorite aunt and your whole family in my prays. Love ya cuz

  2. I’ve been thinking of you and your family, Rich. I’ve lived the week you’ve described above and am so glad to know that you all had many around to lift you up in thoughts and prayers good food and kind gestures. Hard to beat a Ladies Auxillary lunch or the warmth of many kind friends who just want to do something to help ease your sadness.

    Prayers for your day and days to come,

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