My wife has a wonderful group of women that gets together every month at each other’s homes.  They rotate hosting these get togethers, which they call “GNG” or “Game Night Girls” because they end up playing some new board games that someone brings to the party.  It works like this: everyone brings something to eat (finger foods), they talk alot, everyone brings their own beverage, they talk alot, and they stay until the wee hours of the morning.  They also talk alot.  Last night was my wife’s turn to host, which meant that the house had to be cleaned Thursday night (I know…what a crock…but I did my part), we had to have fresh cut spring flowers in the dining room (which no one used) and in the kitchen.  I had to be on my best behavior (which usually means that I stay in the basement until they move down there to play their games…they’re an extremely noisy bunch…yelling and shrieking) AND I have to wear pants (no hanging around watching TV in just my Fruit of the Looms).  Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘em, they’re a great group of ladies….there’s three Kathy’s (Kathy who calls me “Myron” after I phone pranked her one time; Kathy the Canadian who’s by far the most well behaved, even tempered and quietest of the group…must have been the Canadian well water that she grew up drinking, and the third Kathy who I don’t know), and they talk alot.


The best part of hosting one of these shindigs is that the host family gets to eat from the bevy of snack foods that everyone brought, though there is one problem….you have to walk into a kitchen with around a dozen middle aged ladies who think nothing of heckling a certain middle aged man (namely me).  Oh…don’t get me wrong…I can dish it out just as easily as I can take it…but it’s not “my” time to shine (I could entertain ‘em for hours)…it’s my wife’s (even though Kathy who calls me “Myron” accused me of leaving her a message on her machine identifying myself as a “Detective Donavon with the Cedar Rapids Vice Squad…concerning her flashing folks.”  Silly Kathy.)   Anyway….they’re all “hands” as I walk past the breakfast bar, going for my second helping of pigs in a blanket (not one of my wife’s friends…I swear).


I can’t help but chuckle at these wonderful, smart and good looking ladies that my wife is blessed to have as friends.  Me and my friend (who I’ll call “Dave” since that’s his name) don’t need to clean our homes prior to the other ones arrival, we don’t make up a whole bunch of finger foods (we prefer beer, ribs, pizza and ice cream at restaurants) and we can get all of our talking done in about an hour or less if we’ve seen each other within the past couplea months, and I don’t put out fresh cut flowers prior to Dave’s arrival (what the hell?!)  That’s manly efficiency for ya.  Oh…and we don’t play board games either…we usually watch movies, loud action movies with a lot of special effects (it’s hard to have a discussion when a D4 class Klingon battle cruiser is zeroing in on the Starship Enterprise with it’s guns ablazin’.)


I guess that both Connie and I have great friends that we’ll leave it at that…hers being the better smelling of the two groups.


Do you have a friend or group of friends that you can count on through thick and thin?  If not…what are you doing to make some new friends?