What I’d give for a little more foresight and a little less doubt

Have you ever been in one of those situations in life where you look around and wonder to yourself “…is it just me, or does this seem wrong?  Where’s the justice?”  Often times it takes time and patience for a situation/problem to work itself out (two things which I always seem to be in short supply of).  But there’s hope richripleywordpress fans and I’ll give you three examples:

1.   For six years we worked with someone who was in a word, ineffective, which was a shame because he was a nice guy (and still is).  The problem was “him” and the way he managed the people he was in charge of (myself included).  As an organization, our group couldn’t seem to do anything right, we were mired in mediocrity (which you can not be in the business in which I’m employed).  For six years we knocked our heads against the proverbial wall while we labored with no success under his tuteluge….but change came unannounced one day and “BAM!!” things starting happening.  The old guy was gone and a new one with fire in his belly led us like we’d been praying for the past six years and now….it’s like  night and day difference in our place of business.  Things get doneDecisions are made.  There’s growth.  There’s a positive charge of electricity to the place all because of one change…but it took six long years for it to happen.  Patience.  Prayer.

2.  Quite a few years ago a young, newly married friend of ours was over to our home.  We were in the backyard playing with my daughters when the oldest (maybe 9 years old) did something childlike and I yelled at her since it affected her sisters and us.  My young friend was NOT impressed with me getting after our daughter this way (I didn’t yell at Jordan to impress him, I yelled at Jordan because her behavior was bound to cause her two younger sisters to act out the same way).  I think his comment was something along the line of “Jeez Rich, it’s just a game.”  That remark cut me.  It didn’t hurt, but it brought about a self-examination (which I hate) about the way that I disciplined our girls.  “Was I out of line?” Probably not, I was in my own backyard…not at a grocery store or public area…but it sparked in me whether or not I was being unnecessarily stern with them.  Fast forward ten years to the present.  My young friend now has two kids of the same age as my girls were when the above incident occurred.  Guess what?  He yells at them….they’re a bit mischievous…but wonderful children…so bright and funny…but they do stupid kid stuff because they’re kids.  I haven’t reminded my friend of that earlier conversation….what’s the point?  I’m not one to “rub it in” when I’m right….but it took ten years for that answer to come about.  Ten years.

3.  Remember Michael Jordan?  Do you remember in the 1990’s when he could do absolutely no wrong?  As it turns out he’s human just like the rest of us.  He has warts, and from what his ex-teammates say…a huge ego; go figure. He also owns the NBA’s worst team, the Bobcats with a record of 7-59, (that’s a winning % of .106).  He’s not perfect.  He doesn’t walk on water as some speculated back in the day, it’s just interesting to see the how the greatest basketball player now owns the worst team.  Maybe he should have quit while he was way ahead.  His fall from fantastic success to mediocrity doesn’t delight me…it’s just a lesson for anyone who’s paying attention (he probably spends more on underwear, socks and shoes than I make in a year…so don’t shed any tears for Mr. Jordan just yet).

Is life throwing you curve balls when you would rather get a couplea pitches “right over the plate”?  Is there a “wet blanket” dampening your outlook?  Do you feel like you’re walking alone on a cold windy day?  Brighten up friend!  You’re neither alone nor bound to wallow in self-pity.  Get your eyes off of your problem and onto Him and what He’s done for you already!  AMEN!


Brighter Day by Kirk Franklin




3 thoughts on “What I’d give for a little more foresight and a little less doubt

  1. 1) I’ve worked for Mr. Mediocre more than once. Most management I’ve worked under wasn’t qualified to do my job let alone theirs. 2) Yep – been there, done it, and no, didn’t say anything and 3) there’s no guarantee that success on one level guarantees success at another.

    Great advice 🙂 MJ

  2. 1. Yep.
    2. From my parents of all people.
    3. We have a mayor…once…he was mayor because he won the lottery. Like somehow that made him special and able to “run a town”. Before that he was a janitor for the high school. Not that I have anything against janitors…its just the thought, “hoisted by his own petard” sdcomes to mind. Or better yet..we get what we pay for. (he didn’t take a salary)

    In general, it has been my experience that when you look for the devil in all things, you’re bound to find him. If you look for Him in all things, its amazing what He’s done for us. My life has been riddled with the Holy Spirit moving me in the direction that will ultimately lead to a more stable life. (As much as I rebelled against it)

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