I’m still learnig

I’ve never been a fast learner, unless of course it involved getting hurt, killed or going hungry (in no particular order).  It took me almost twenty years to learn that any (and I mean ANY road trip) of thirty miles or more the same thing would happen to me.  The way that it usually works is that me and the family are heading out on vacation (taking two full days to drive to our destination) when just ten miles into the trip the fattest, juiciest bug in the tri-county area decides to end it’s life by flying head first into the windshield, right in front of me….at eye level.  The resulting carnage leaves around a couplea tablespoons of green-yellowish bug gut goo right in my line of vision.  I’ve tried using quart after quart of windshield cleaner and the wipers to remove the mess (before it hardens into an even more difficult problem) but all I get is bug gut goo smeared across the whole darn half of my windshield.  Argh.  So anyway….what I started doing about five years ago was to start carrying a bottle of Windex and roll of paper towels with me and when a bug goes rogue on me and tries to stop our half ton Chevy pickup going seventy with its head….the clean up at the next gas station goes quickly and efficiently.  It’s like Windex was designed just for cleaning bug guts off of windshields (I don’t know why they don’t put that in huge lettering on the bottle “QUICKLY WIPES AWAY BUG GUTS!!)  So yeah, that took me awhile to learn.

In high school I got a C- in Woodworking class.  I don’t know why, maybe it was because I designed and built a nightstand that weighed four hundred pounds and was three feet deep OR that I almost cut off my thumb (damned table saw) while making said nightstand.  All I know is that our good-natured Woodworking teacher (a very nice and sweet man name “Bud”) retired the year after I finished taking his course.   Fast forward to present day…like yesterday, when I decided to take apart our fence along our property line, replace the rotten boards, paint them all then screw them back up onto the posts.  Easy enough right?  Not for Rich Ripley.  Man…that’s just not what our Good Lord blessed me the talent to do.  Doing that was like a prison sentence for me.  I got it half done, the rest I’ll do tomorrow (the neighbors Golden Retriever probably learned a few new words from me yesterday, as she sat along the fence line….taking in the mighty struggles of me holding up a ten foot long board at just the right spot while I drilled a hole, then switched out the drill bit for the Phillips head screw bit then balanced the screw on top of the Phillips head screw bit thingy while putting it into the screw hole while holding the board in place with my hip.)  I do not look forward to tomorrow, with half of the fence to do.  Anyway….learning how do to “wood working” related things still eludes me….but I’ve learned to stay the hell away from table saws.


And finally, I’ve never posted photos on this website because I never knew how.  A fellow blogger (emjayandthem) whom I hold in high regard, is always putting up cool photos and the like…making her blogs more appealing…and interesting.  I’ve screwed around looking for ways to learn how to do this, to no avail….until today.  I took some photos at a family event, and had our youngest daughter teach me how to download the images, and etc to get them into a file.  As for WordPress, I just started pressing buttons and mucked my way to this point.  So if all goes well…there should be a family photo of our daughters, Connie and myself at the end of this blog…..or at least somewhere on this blog (God willing of course).

Four beauties and one big old masculine beast

Jordan 21, Karalee 19, Macy 16, Connie (age unavailable) and me (the blessed lucky one)

As for my four hundred pound nightstand?  It’s sitting in our garage, being used as a storage cabinet (a person just doesn’t throw away four hundred pounds of Walnut…I might have to use that as part of my retirement nestegg).

Care to share anything that you’ve learned?


2 thoughts on “I’m still learnig

  1. YAY!! Photos on RR’s blog 🙂 Beautiful family … what a nice looking crew, all of ya!

    I woulda helped you with photos .. all ya gotta do is ask 🙂

    I think you should put a picture of your 400lb nightstand on your blog next …

    I’ve learned it’s probably best to make gravy with COLD water & flour not hot — the hot water + flour + lidded shaker? Yeah … kabloom all over my kitchen .. I know this, but I did it again a couple of days ago…. geez


    • Thank you for your offer to help. I’ll take you up on that in the future. There are some formats out there that I’d like to try, so my request may be sooner rather than later. 🙂

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