We’re not doing the whole “vacation thing” this summer.  My lovely bride and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary in the summer of 2013 in beautiful (wait for it) Hawaii!! I know that most (if not all) of my avid female readers are probably (as you read this) exclaiming at the top of their lungs BUT RICH!?!?  EVERYDAY WITH YOU IS A HOLIDAY!!” To which I reply..”yes…yes it is.”  But until then I’m offering up some free advice from the vast, varied and totally cool RIPLEY INDUSTRIES LIBRARY OF KNOWLEDGE. Anyone without a clue as to how to take a respectable vacation can benefit from this sage (and free I might add) advice.  It goes as follows:

Pack up the family!
Do funny stuff!!
Reconnect with family (or friends). Notice that I seem to be the only one “connecting” here?
Get as close as you can to cool stuff. (only three more fences to go!)
Try to get along with each other.
Hug a little more often. (road weary in Georgia)
Share the hotel bathroom. (Four women and one guy….I got two minutes a day)
Rub elbows with the locals.
Wanna look thinner? Wear big swimming trunks and stand in front of the ocean. (actually the Gulf of Mexico)
Observe local laws and warnings. (at a Florida rest area at 4 AM)

It’s important to start off your vacation with the proper tunes, so here’s a tune from the ’80’s to get you started.

Good luck and happy trails my friends!