I like to play pranks.  Not the mean-spirited kind of pranks where folks get scared or cry, but ones that you play on folks you care about to liven up their day.  The kind of joke that’s fun for all involved.  I usually think up one prank a year for a cousin of mine, his name is Doug.  Doug is my age, we grew up together and for lack of a better explanation…didn’t inheirt the same “wonderful” sense of humor that I did(come to think of it…none of my other relatives did either).  Nontheless…I think up a joke for him (or his Dad…my uncle) whether they want me to or not.  I’ve done enough jokes on my relatives that anytime something remotely odd or weird appears in their mailbox the first words that cross their lips is “Rich is up to something.”I should explain that Doug (and…

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