A misspent youth?

Back in the day we didn’t have six dozen TV channels to watch.  We drank our water either unflavored or whatever Kool-Aid flavor Mom had in the kitchen.  We didn’t have Wi-Fi, we had High-Fi and AM radio was still cranking out the hits just as much as FM was.  I grew up on a small farm so clods of dirt were “hand grenades” that I threw at invading Nazi’s and my trusty Daisy BB gun kept ’em away for the foreseeable future. (for the record…the Axis powers never made it beyond the creek, but I lacked sufficient artillery to drive ’em back any further east)

That being said I whiled away countless hours in my bedroom reading….comic books.  Thank God for comic books.  Being the youngest son of three I got the comic books after the older two moved onto college, girl-chasing, motorcycles and beer (the most dangerous of them…the girls).  I could read, re-read and re-re-read the same comic books throughout the summer and when we made a trip into town I’d buy a few more (they were only fifty cents apiece then).  I figure that if I’d read as many school books or books from the library as I had comic books in my childhood I probably would have been a rocket scientist for NASA or something (but who’d have thunk that Archie (of “Archie and the Gang” had eyes for Veronica when Betty had eyes for Archie, and she was sweet, down to earth and smokin’ hot!  Don’t even get me started on Jughead or Moose!!)

When Mom and Dad moved off of the family farm they asked us which heirlooms that we wanted.  Fortunately we three sons and our wives already had homes established and wanted for nothing, we could amicably agree to divide up “who would like what” without the nastiness that occurs in some families.  I wanted the comic books.  With them I also got my grandparents share of comic books from the 1960’s and early 70’s.  I get them out a couplea times a year and go through them.  They’re not in “pristine” condition, these comic books were enjoyed thoroughly by me, my brothers and our cousins.  Maybe you’ll recognize a few from your youth too.

Bugs Bunny, D-Day “RAW GUT RIPPING ACTION!”, MAD Magazine, Teen Titans, IRON MAN and Outer Limits….that’s a good afternoon of mind melding reading.

Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge, Chip and Dale, Harlem Globetrotters, The Three Stooges, Josie and the Pussycats, a June 1963 MAD Magazine, and a Krofft Super Show book with BIGFOOT and WILDBOY in it

One of my all time favorites, LT Robin Crusoe, U.S.N. “He makes an alliance with a chimp to combat fierce island headhunters.”

“What did you do this past summer Dick Ripley?”  I read from the classics.


2 thoughts on “A misspent youth?

  1. OH the hours we spent in the backyard tent reading Archie, Josie & the Pussycats, MAD and the classics – Superman, Batman, Alien SpaceInvaders and the Ripley’s believe it or not … you just took me right back to that old musty tent with a flashlight in hand, my cousin/best friend at my side, a thermos of Tang and Ripple potato chips.

    🙂 MJ

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