School’s startin’ and summers over

Do you know how I can tell that summer is over?  My wife gets her “game face” on.  Meaning, that she’s a school teacher and her summer vacation is rapidly nearing it’s end and so is all of her spare time.  Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t spend the entire summer lounging around by the pool, drinking iced tea and eating bon-bons….she drinks diet Pepsi and eats pretzels!   (HHHIiiiii-OOoooo!!)  But really…she does stuff during the summer but like any of us she has to return to “earning her keep” in this world and pay a few bills along the way.

This summer has been pretty quiet at our house.  No big vacations.  Nothing outrageously fun and entertaining, just an extremely hot and dry summer.  But there were a few interesting things, so here’s my “Summer 2012 in Review.”

I tried gardening this summer for the first time.  Visions of baskets full of my home-grown tomatoes and peppers being taken to our churches food pantry for the poor were my intent, but what I got was the hottest and driest summer in nearly 60 years plus thousands of hungry Chinese beatles.  What the bugs and weather didn’t kill the local deer munched on.  What the deer left was unearthed by the local squirrel mafia.  I found the letter below tucked under my windshield wiper.

I really take offense to being called “porkchop” by anyone much less a squirrel. In a later note they asked me “PLEEZE CLOZ YER BEDROOM KURTAINZ WHEN YUR GETTING REEDY FOUR YUR SHOWR!! YOU NAKD IS MAKING US FALL OUT OF TREES!!”

Nothing says “family reunion” like beaning your nephew in the head with a baseball and him heading to the emergency room.

My nephew headed (no pun intended) to the emergency room where he checked out just fine.


Connie and I stayed around the Dubuque and Galena area for a couplea days.  I love the cool old timey buildings.

Details in the roof top. Downtown Dubuque Iowa.

Who needs a biscuit? You need a biscuit!! Old time advertisements crack me up.

We loaded up the truck and headed to Des Moines for a trip to our State Capital building and Zombie Burger.

The aroma of delicious food makes Jordan and I go into a “zombie-like” trance. Our French friend Delphine seems unaffected. Go figure.

I had the “Dead Elvis”. Single patty. Fried egg, slathered in peanut butter, fried banana’s, bacon, cheese and mayo. Delicious!!

Have I ever told you that I’m a proud Iowan? If not…I am. Our state capital building rocks! That’s a gold leaf dome baby!! That’s about the only “bling” that you’ll see from us.

Honestly…I’m ready for fall.  Fall brings football.  Fall brings a new challenge on my horizon that I’m really looking forward to, but that’s a blog that I’ll write about next spring.  Until next time…I’ve got some Planter’s Honey Roasted Peanuts to buy for the local Squirrel Mafia or my trucks tires will have the air let out of them…again.




One thought on “School’s startin’ and summers over

  1. I felt lIke your wife every Sunday night. It’s that “oh crap” feeling that my weekend was over. Hey don’t let this summer discourage you, try your garden again next year.

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