Well played Augusta National…well played

I was asked the other day, at a funeral of all places, when I was going to blog again.  I told the young man that “it would be sooner rather than later” since I didn’t have anything to write about (funny or otherwise).  Alas, the good folks in Georgia at Augusta National Golf Club are finally allowing two females to pay outrageous membership dues and join their exclusive club.  Three words.  Big.  Freakin’.  Deal.

While the two ladies are prominent and wealthy (two things that are great to be, if you had to choose to “be something”) it doesn’t rank as a newsworthy event in my book.  Now if Augusta National were to admit a former schoolmate of mines mother that would be an entirely different matter.

“Clare” as I’ll refer to her from now on, drove a school bus for a rural school district, stands under five feet tall, laughs and smiles at practically everything. Loves life, family and friends alike.  She knows how to throw a great potluck and enjoys everyone’s company (except her ex-husband’s).  Her son told me that for Christmas one year the kids that rode on her bus got her some “adult beverages” that she could enjoy in the company of their parents (as the booze had been purchased by the parents and given as a practical joke-it was in the 1980’s….a different time and culture).  It tickled Clare “pink” that such a thoughtful gift was purchased for her (no bath soaps and trinkets for this lady).  Don’t judge Clare, she’s not an alcoholic, she’s one of those people who “liven up the party with their laugh; their personality and love of being around all kinds of folks (providing you weren’t her ex-husband—who is a really nice guy himself).  Clare’s even one of those folks who attend church and help out in the small community that she lives in. If Clare, and ladies like her, were asked to join the folks at Augusta National then that would be something noteworthy to report, while asking two multi-millionaires to join other multi-millionaires in a game of golf then retire to their elitist clubhouse for some high-end vittles…not so much.

(note to self…begin self-promotion part of blog carefully so no one knows that you’re patting yourself on the back)

On a totally different note, I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring up in a blog this amazing (only to me) fact; I have folks in other countries reading this blog.  The list goes as follows in no particular order:

Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, France, Moldavia (I had to look up where the hell Moldavia is…don’t go there) Spain, Argentina, Ukraine, Germany, Indonesia, Romania, Italy, Iraq, Norway, Malaysia, Netherlands (WOOT -WOOT…givin’ a little shout out to my peeps in NEDERWORLD!!)  Japan, Bangladesh and New Zealand.  For me (a guy who didn’t care for school unless you count gym class and lunch time) it’s nice to know that other folks have read some of my “stuff”…even if they don’t come back again.

(end self-promotion right…..now)

Until next time people…peace.



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