Staycation for one

Alias….just two vacation days remain on my staycation until I return to the workdays of trying to keep as many folks happy (at once) as I can while getting as much work done for the company as I can.  It’s a challenge that I enjoy much in the same way that a juggler enjoys juggling…even if it’s chainsaws and broken bottles.

My staycation had a diversion where I attended a meeting where I heard one of the most profound quotes that I’ve ever heard “sometimes we’re so busy holding onto a dime that we can’t stop to pick up a dollar.”  This quote could be taken in a variety of contexts.  Besides the obvious business application of the above quote a person could also apply it internally towards their lives in regard to their hopes, dreams and ambitions.  I’ll apply it towards both (casino here I come! No seriously…I’ll apply it internally towards my life probably more than anything).  The meeting also had multiple platters of donuts, longjohns and bear claws laid out for us which I passed up since I’m trying to eat healthier.  (Weird side note…I’m working out like crazy…not losing weight but somehow maintaining what I started out with though it’s shifting from my waist to somewhere else…where?  I do not know.  I plan on convincing my lovely bride to give me a complete and thorough pat down this evening to find said ‘shifted weight’.  She will undoubtedly think that I have ulterior motives…she’s like that…my bride)

Most avid readers of rich ripley will have noticed that the photo header of this blog has changed.  For months it’s been of a landscape with horses grazing (I was just trying to get that elusive ‘equestrian demographic’ that all bloggers are fighting for) though a friend of mine switches our her header photo routinely and I’ve always enjoyed that about her blog so I inquired about it (begged actually) and she instructed me about the ins and outs of such things.  So…after a little photo taking barrage, and a day and a half of screwing around on the administrative side of this blog I now have thirteen photo headers that will rotate through with each blog (I know…it’s pretty cool, you can thank Marilyn of emjayandthem for this technical/artistic advancement of rich ripley).  I expect folks will want to see all thirteen of said new headers and will clamor to view them all, if that’s the case….just go back into the vast library of rich ripley literary excellence and select a month (that’s in the upper left hand corner of this site) and you’ll see a different header with the different blogs.

I’ve also added another blogger onto my Blogroll which is another way of saying “I like what this guy writes enough to recommend his blog to you.”  He’s funny.  His blog’s entitled “the voices in his head.” I also added Adam J. Holland a few months ago to the rich ripley blogroll since I enjoy what he writes as well. There again…his stuff is humorous and Adam is a food junkie/chef type so if you like recipes and such…check him out.  And the best followed blog is a lady who was raised in Canada, lived in Texas and now resides in Michigan and advertises that her website that “85,204 beautiful people” have visited her site.  I don’t know how she verifies that all “85,204” were/are “beautiful” since some of us are of the “masculine persuasion” and prefer the terms “chiseled, lumberjack-like” or at least “Old Spice scented” to “beautiful” but it’s her blog and it’s still a free country so I will relent and be referred to as “beautiful” if only to keep her happy.  Her blog is called “emjayandthem”, it’s on my blogroll and I highly recommend it…85,204 visitors can’t all be wrong…Old Spice scented or not.

And lastly…fall is my favorite time of year.  I was sitting in the stands last night watching one of the local high school football teams, enjoying my hotdog and walking taco (whomever thought up the walking taco concept…brilliant….simple and delicious) while surveying the stands between plays…the marching band kids screwing around to the distain of their conductor, the kids who wore just shorts to the game but had their chests painted the schools colors of  blue and red (good luck with those bath towels) the little kids fidgeting in their seats as their parents conversed with other parents about stuff, the cool air of a fall evening, the football field glowing bright green in the bright lights of a night game when the game and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up as a lone Boeing 747 slowly passed overhead as it climbed and gained altitude then turned and headed east, back to Washington DC.  That jet was Air Force One with our President on board, returning home after spending a day in Eastern Iowa on his campaign trail.  I have a good deal of patriotism for our country and a lack of love for anything political though I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t get a lump in my throat when I saw that jet and what it stands for to so many in this world.  The whole episode for Air Force One to pass maybe took fifteen seconds then everyone returned to what they had been doing.  I later found a seat with some friends and we talked throughout the game as our home team was beaten soundly by the visiting team.

Such is life…oftentimes we get hammered by an opponent but live to see another day which at that point you make a decision of holding onto that dime tightly or reaching for that dollar despite the beating you took earlier.  Most times it’s easier to clench tightly onto that dime than make a goal, set a plan into action to reach forward towards that dollar…whatever that dollar/goal may represent in your life.  I wish you luck as I’m reaching for mine.



PS…I’m not much of a betting man but I wonder if our commander in chief didn’t order up walking tacos for his supper last night while he was flying home?


3 thoughts on “Staycation for one

  1. One of your best, RR. How cool is it that you saw Air Force One pass over you? Way cool … got a chill just reading that!

    I will check out your other links as well and I also perused your new headers – great job! Thanks for your kind words and for your friendship, too.

    A fellow pie lover,

    • Thanks Marilyn, I appreciate your advice on this stuff. About the your “pie” comment at the end of your “comment”, I have a funny story (that’s probably blog-worthy at some point). I had been using a cologne that I had gotten many compliments on. I used it regularly and ran out, but since it was a ” designer department store” type of colonge that cost around $60 for a four ounce bottle I figured I’d not buy any more since it was rather pricey.” After a few months of being without it I decided to treat myself to a bottle of it (economy be damned) and went to the men’s cologne counter at the department store. The clerk asked me what I was looking for and I told her “I’ll know it when I’ll see it, I can’t even pronounce it (that’s my hillbilly upbringing coming out in me). I told her that it had a Latin symbol on it and she perked up and said “Oh…that’s PIE..Givenchy pie…the Latin symbol for ‘pie'”. So…my favorite cologne is “pie” by Givenchy. It doesn’t even smell like pie, it smells like vanilla and spices (more like cookies…but since there’s no known Latin symbol for “cookies” they went with “pie”). The scientists at richripley laboratories at the ripley industries complex are working fervertly on coming up with an honest to goodness “fruit pie” cologne. guys and gals will dig it equally. (hope saskatoon pie is widely accepted in the states or you’ll get a truckload for free).

      • Oh my goodness, you can’t make this stuff up! Givenchy PIE? If only they knew how truly perfect this is for you. You are the only person in the blogosphere who even recognized Sour Cream Raisin pie on my blog last fall – and commented on its deliciousness. If anyone should have pie-cologne, it’s you my friend.


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