Squirrel flavored dog treats….just a $1.99

Just some spicy food induced thoughts that popped into my head last night prior to falling asleep:

  • If in doubt, wear pants—you don’t want to be the only guy wearing shorts at a pants party.


  • Why don’t more people like creamed corn?  It’s delicious.  I really like it and wish more folks would try it.


  • The other morning at approximately 4 AM my wife suddenly (and without provocation, mind you) yelled out “Knock it off!!”  This begs the question:
  1. Was she yelling at our neighbors little dog who was yipping at that time?
  2. Was she dreaming of some of her unruly students and yelled at them?
  3. Or was it a preemptive warning to me about any “funny business” that I might have been dreaming up (who knows how many times this happens at night, right?)
  • If given the choice between chocolate pecan babka or chocolate pecan cake…always take the cake.  The babkas bread…and the baker won’t tell you that it’s bread until after you’ve taken a bite out of it and then they’re all “it’s babka you dork!!  It’s bread, sucka!!”


  • Cheetos cheese dust would make just about anything edible…except broccoli.  Broccoli is the work of the devil.


  • Why don’t they make squirrel flavored dog treats or dog foods?

I’m taking a break from eating spicy food at bed time….unless I go into some creative drought.




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