It never fails to amaze me the circus that is our presidential election.  The amount of money that’s spent on swaying a voters opinion is staggering.  I’ve always felt that if a persons vote could be changed by a TV or radio commercial, recorded message left on your answering machine or placard placed in someones front yard that you probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  Whats going on in the mind of someone who’s driving down a street when they see a placard for candidate “A” (oh…hey…I like the color red and candidate A has a mostly red sign with a name that rhymes with the word ‘winner’ so I’ll think…oh oh…there’s a placard for another candidate with a different name and the font that they used on their sign is kinda snazzy…so I like both candidate A and B but the tie breaker is the red color on candidate A’s placard more…so…I’ll vote for candidate, oh wait just a darn minute there’s a third sign…lets see what font it used).

It’s about time some TV station did a story on the perennial “stripper with a heart of gold” that’s running for the office of president, as well.  Every four years some bouncy, bosomy exotic dancer wearing a two piece “stars and stripes” bikini is interviewed for giggles by the offending news station.  “I’d balance the budget, bring our troops home, take care of our senior citizens and offer 25 cent buffalo wings every Wednesday night at Big Al’s Roadhouse and Saloon where you can see me and my friends perform four shows nightly, with an early afternoon show on Sundays. VOTE TRIXIE!!”  (that’s not a bad platform to run on honestly, who doesn’t like taking care of our troops and seniors plus 25 cent wings?)

Somewhere in Indiana someone watching that interview is saying out loud “finally…a candidate with some horse sense!!”  The all important equestrian vote….so tough to come by (that’s two blogs in a row using the word “equestrian” properly…so suck on that MSNBC).