The Top 10 Things That Gary Said While Under Anesthesia

For a good friend of mine who had surgery yesterday and needs a little “pick me up”.  This ones for you Gary!  Get better soon!


Top Ten Things That Gary Said While Under Anesthesia

1.   I hope that’s not your finger that I’m feeling back there!

2.   Calm down ladies…there’s enough of me to go around…HAR HAR!

3.   …but I like pudding pops.

4.   Down dooby down down down dooby dooby down dooby down down down….

5.   Marsha…tell Sue that I won’t be down for supper, Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom is on and Marlon & Jim are about to get the crap beat out of them by a very large, very pissed off orangutan. (this is gonna be great!)

6.   I really don’t see how the tater tot has gotten such a bum rap.  I mean really…it’s just hash browns in a bite sized barrel.  Frankly speaking I can’t get enough of them.

7.   Okay everybody…just shut up for a minute…I’m convinced that there is INDEED PIE IN HEAVEN OR ELSE IT WOULDN’T BE CALLED HEAVEN. 

8.   So I says to the waitress….I says….”are Denver omelets still called Denver omelets in Denver….or are they something else…like say…Tulsa omelets?  Tulsa’s a fine town…nothing wrong with Tulsa…I say it deserves a bone or something?” and the waitress gets all self-righteous with me since we’re in Stillwater at the time…now there’s one town that deserves nothing thrown it’s way…toilet of the southwest is what they call Stillwater…

9.   I wish they’d quit asking me if I want fries with my burger…for cryin’ out loud…how about a couplea slices of a nice melon or something?



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