The hilarious truth hurts

As anyone who has read a recent blog of mine already knows, I’ve become a brand spanking new basketball official.  I’m proud of myself, period.  Right now I work low level games and I love it! I’ve set more goals now that my initial goal has been attained.  I want to be a varsity official by the end of the 2013-2012 season.

Currently, I want to be so good at officiating that the coaches, players and crowd can’t tell that I’m a new official.  This is kind of difficult since all new officials work low-level games to begin with like junior high games, freshman and junior varsity games, sooo since I’m “there” those coaches and so forth can only assume that I’m “new.” The only way “up” into varsity games is through real game experience, a thorough knowledge of all of the rules (all ten thousand of them), great mechanics and knowing “3 man mechanics” by attending an officiating camp during the summer and learning them (but more about that in a later blog).

To help the new officials one of our instructors video taped each one of us working a game (without us knowing the videotaping was going on) and critiqued us.  I watched myself work a game and:

  1. I did well with my calls and mechanics.  I can and will improve with practice.
  2. I run like a dork.  Seriously…I trot and run like Ned Flanders (stupid Flanders) does on the cartoon The Simpsons.  There’s nothing like watching yourself run.
  3. Apparently…there’s nothing that I can do about running like this…I’ve always run that way.

So…if you’re feeling pretty saucy about yourself, like you’re a real “world-beater“, like you’re on top of the world….just have someone videotape you running then watch it.  You’re inflated ego problem will be solved; you’re welcome.

My instructor sent me the video, which I decided NOT to post today on this blog….the internet can only withstand so many things going viral at once and I’ve decided I won’t be one of themMiddle-aged man waddling down basketball court video 11-8-12“.

Take care…have a great week!




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