Day 4…we snorkel. CANNONBALL!!!

Day four found us heading to the harbor where Connie had signed us up for a day of snorkeling. Being Midwesterners our experiences with looking under water either involved a swimming pool with a good amount of chorine stinging our eyes OR the muddied waters of whatever river or lake in Iowa we swam in as kids. Whichever one it was, the view was less than spectacular.

As we headed out to Molokini crater, an extinct and eroded away volcanic crater, we passed the time, me checking out the scenery…Connie trying not to get sick from the motion of the trip.

Molokini Crater for our snorkeling.  One hour boat ride...not a "three hour tour...three hour tour..."

Molokini Crater for our snorkeling. One hour boat ride…not a “three hour tour…three hour tour…”

After an hour or so of motoring out there the captain informed us of free wet suits that we could use, we choose not to. We were warned that the water was 24 degrees under body temp; we found it refreshing-they’d obviously never been in a Minnesota lake where even the fish wear sweaters until mid-June). They offered boogie boards and float-belts to anyone who wanted them, as well as, the usual snorkel, mask and flippers. I chose not to take any floatation devices and floundered in the water until a Japanese whaler took me abroad thinking I was a disoriented whale (insert “blow hole” joke right….HERE!) Disappointed, they returned me to the sea. After that adventure I went to our boat and then returned to the water with a boogie board and float-belt and had a wonderful time. My big nose acting like a rudder, my love-handles acting marvelously as a hull, I was a literal Aqua man despite the Japanese whalers circling every so often (must’ve been a slow whale-day in the Pacific).

View from atop the boat of our group.  Connie's to the right of the rope leading out to our lifeguard who is sitting on a surfboard.

View from atop the boat of our group. Connie’s to the right of the rope leading out to our lifeguard who is sitting on a surfboard.

"A SHARKS GOT ME!!!"  Oh...wait a minute...its just a foot cramp.  My bad.

“A SHARKS GOT ME!!!” Oh…wait a minute…its just a foot cramp. My bad.

We went aboard the catamaran and each had a pulled pork sandwich and soda. On the way back we saw some sea turtles surface and take a breath, which was a real treat for Connie and many others.

Sea turtle.

Sea turtle.

After getting home from the snorkeling we got ready for a luau just a few miles away in town. We found the food a little disappointing, but they were feeding hundreds of people so you could expect a drop off in the quality of the cuisine. The dancing and sunset were incredible. There was one older male dancer with a receding hairline (like mine). I thought highly of him for being out there and dancing with the obviously younger performers, though he was half a beat behind the rest of the group….but check out the front line of this group and I doubt that anyone noticed.

Luau in Mau Luau in Mau

Sunset at the Luau

Sunset at the Luau

We had settled into a bit of a routine. Tomorrows activity was one that I dreaded almost as much as the flight to get here. Until then…peace.


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