Hawaiian time is over…home is where the heart is

What a sunrise...quite the change from watching it come up over fields of corn and beans.  Both are beautiful

What a sunrise…quite the change from watching it come up over fields of corn and beans. Both are beautiful

The day started as usual with a spectacular sunrise. During our stay I’d usually head down to the Starbucks coffee kiosk and grab a cup while Connie slept for a while longer. I’d take my notebook with me and jot down some notes for these blogs. While everything went perfectly for us while on Hawaii (good health, safety, good weather, etc.) it sure wasn’t home, nor was I ready to settle down in this tropical paradise.

One thing that we constantly ran into was folks not knowing where we were from. They’d ask us where we were from and we’d reply “Iowa” then they’d start on how they knew someone from Ohio, or Idaho and ask weren’t we “big Ohio State Buckeye fans?” Ah…no. Iowa. It got to the point that I’d just reply “we live three hours west of Chicago.” After meeting us a lady from Los Angeles whispered to her husband “not many people make it out of Iowa” to her husband after we met. Dead serious. It must be the twenty foot walls at our borders that dissuade us from leaving the Hawkeye State.
Our trip back to the airport started with a bunch of packing and getting everything back into the Mustang.

Our bags loaded, my copilot giving me the "Hawaiian thumbs up" we're on our way home...towards the airport

Our bags loaded, my copilot giving me the “Hawaiian thumbs up” we’re on our way home…towards the airport

I'm a regular "Joe-Flyguy" now...my bride...maybe not so much (on the plane just minutes before leaving Maui)

I’m a regular “Joe-Flyguy” now…my bride…maybe not so much (on the plane just minutes before leaving Maui)

As we boarded I slipped one of the flight attendants a fiver and whispered in his ear “just make sure that we’re topped off on the gas tanks would ya pal?” My concern addressed he took my money and assured me that he’d check as soon as possible.

After yet another safe take off (my number one concern) we settled back into our seats. After being in the air for about forty minutes or so one of the flight attendants spoke over the PA. “Due to technical difficulties…(pause of about five seconds during which everyone in the ENTIRE PLANE LOOKED UP AND GAVE THEIR FULL ATTENTION)….we will not be able to show the featured movie or TV shows…”. I could have done without the five second pause, lady. And the TV shows are essentially CNBC shows that I’ve never heard of and the movie is pretty bad…but at least it’s something to watch. As for me…I stayed busy with reading a book that I bought to purposely keep myself occupied during our flights. I plugged into the planes “music channels” with my ear buds but was asked to retake my seat when the Hispanic channel caused me to involuntarily get up and start dancing the rumba in the aisle. (There’s just not enough space in coach to properly dance the rumba if you’ve got the vivacious hips of a Ripley…which I do)

Goodbye Maui!!  Notice our planes shadow along the bottom edge of this photo?  Kinda cool...heh?

Goodbye Maui!! Notice our planes shadow along the bottom edge of this photo? Kinda cool…heh?

After we reached cruising altitude the pilot throttled back the engines. I looked at my watch and set it five hours forward, to Iowa time. I thought to myself “God willing we’ll be home in thirteen hours.” With my watch telling me what the current time was in Iowa, I began to unwind and relax a little. Flying over the Pacific Ocean at thirty-five thousand feet at over five hundred miles per hour night began to fall though my watch told me differently…it’s back on Iowa time…a place my heart never left and probably never will. I missed home. I’m an Iowa boy.

Thanks for reading. Peace to you and yours,


8 thoughts on “Hawaiian time is over…home is where the heart is

  1. It was great to watch/read…I told Heather, Hawaii for our 25th…she’s thinking so..I’m thinking how can we afford something like that! 😉 Anyway, I’m glad to hear ya’ll are coming back home safe and well rested. Promise keepers this weekend! You going?

    • How do you afford Hawaii? Easy…sell a kidney. OR save up for a couplea years and pay the loins share of it up front. Also…we left the kids at home. It was a trip just for us.

      Promise Keepers? Never been to one. Maybe someday. I think I’d like to attend one of these times.

      Have a great summer Marcus!

      • Neither had I until that weekend. Some pretty good stuff. I’m currently doing a book study with a few guys, Resolution. Great book. Just points out how much I suck.

      • Ah…nothing makes you feel unworthy like hanging with other Christian’s while doing some introspection during Bible or book study. I wonder why we don’t approach the alter like Garth in Wayne’s World “we’re unworthy!! we’re unworthy!!”? It’d be a more accurate account of our lives, aye?

        I’m on the fence regarding Promise Keepers, whether to attend one.

        Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Aww … “I’m an Iowa boy” rings so true to me — and those who have never experienced … will never get it.

    Welcome home! Looks like you and your Bride had a wonderful time == memories are made of this! 🙂


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