All things considered….I intend to dazzle ’em with gold glitter.

I’ve been blessed this week. My efforts at work have been recognized by my new boss, I’ve been assigned a couplea more varsity basketball games for the upcoming season, I’ve gotten back out onto the court and worked a few games and had a chance to unwind and just things in general have gone my way (except for winning the Lotto…that never goes my way. Ever.)

I had just completed a stretch of working thirteen of the past fourteen days and was flat-out dog tired. My first day off in what seemed like months started with breakfast, a productive workout at the gym, second breakfast with Connie at the downtown farmer’s market (who can say “no” to a fresh and delicious cinnamon roll with my favorite girl?) then lunch with my best buddy whom I’ve known for twenty-nine years (after three hours of howling at each others jokes, life-stories, trials and tribulations and some good chow and some ice-cold barley-pop we said “good-bye”) then some football on TV, then a nap then finishing off leftovers (fried chicken, baked beans and party potatoes) from the night before I parked myself on the couch and watched the movie “The Green Mile”…one of my favorites. (Sigh). Oh…I forgot…Connie bought an apple pie at the farmers market so there was pie throughout yesterday as well…and some chocolate cake that I had purchased Friday night (when you’re on a roll….you’re on a roll).

My new beltless basketball officiating slacks came back from the seamstress (they come to me un-hemmed) and I tried them out at a kids game that I worked Thursday night. Now let me state this…I like wearing belts and I am somewhat skeptical of beltless britches…so I bought a size smaller than what I typically wear so they wouldn’t slide over my vivacious hips as I run up and down the court. Let’s just say that they have a “death-grip” on my hips, but I can breathe and (I’m not making this up) I look AMAZING in them. The gold glitter strips that I had stitched onto the length of the outer legs really “dazzle-up” the whole outfit. I’m not lying…they really do.

I also ran into a coach, who by officiating standards, is a nut-job. He played locally at a big-time college and a little in the NBA…so he’s the “be all, end all” authority when it comes to basketball (not so much). He’s also over seven feet tall. He intimidated me last season. This season he’s just another coach who talks too much (he coaches little kids but treats each game like it’s the Finals of the NBA). To his credit he doesn’t turn kids away from his program, and he’s their biggest advocate…but at a price.

A buddy of mine who suffered a broken foot while working a basketball game this summer, is well on his way to recovery so I’m happy with that, and with that in mind I’ve been increasing my work-outs so that I won’t get hurt (I really don’t know if it’ll help prevent the type of injury that he has but it shouldn’t hurt and with my love of pie the extra calories burned certainly won’t hurt me sliding into those size 33’s).

Until later…peace and hope,


4 thoughts on “All things considered….I intend to dazzle ’em with gold glitter.

    • …feelings? Human?! Holy smokes!! I’ve accidently led you to believe that about me?! My days in a rough and tumble motorcycle gang trained me not to have feelings!! Honestly though, I use my blog more as a ‘family and friends’ newsletter more than anything else. While I appreciate you re-blogging my writing I’m not looking to go much further than that at this time. Thanks for asking though! πŸ™‚


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