Five to reflect on…

#1…I’ve changed the look of my blog, adding the image of “I’m kind of a big deal” as my theme. It’s a long-standing joke with me and those close to me that whenever someone acts or tells you that “they’re a big deal”….they aren’t really that big of a deal at all….which is why I sometimes introduce myself to others as “I’m kind of a big deal around here”. Its funny in a self-deprecating way and puts others at ease. “Big deals” such as myself commonly get told “Rich…someone just got sick to their stomach, aisle five needs a mop as soon as possible” so you know that I’m “way up there” on the proverbial totem pole of hierarchy.

#2…As I was driving home from work Christmas Eve night I frantically searched the radio dial for something other than Christmas music. Truth be told…I love Christmas music for about two days…then I can’t stand it as I hear it ten hours a day for a month. So while at a stop sign I searched the arm rest of my truck and found….a cassette tape that I had recorded….wait for it…on September 2nd 1984. This cassette was from back in the day when me and my buddies would get together and record music from RECORD ALBUMS to cassette tapes. It didn’t take seconds…it took the length of the time it took to play the song on the album. On this particular tape I had Prince (from his Purple Rain soundtrack), The Human League, Naked Eyes, Saga, Hall and Oates and Billy Idol. I smiled slyly as Prince belted out “Let’s Go Crazy” as I drove through the blackness of a snowy winters eve. If you had told an 18-year-old Rich Ripley back in 1984 that he’d be listening to this very cassette on Christmas Eve in 2013 he’d have probably said…”Where’s the John Denver cassette? He’s a really good singer too!” (Dead serious…I like John Denver and I ain’t apologizing…since I’m a big deal and all) After hearing that cassette I’m adding Ozzy, Night Ranger, Prince and some ELO to my iPhone music library. One thing that I did find out about myself in 2013…I like a little Lady Gaga. Somehow she ended up on my phone since my family and I share one account…so whatever they buy…ends up on my phone too. Pa Pa Pa Poker face…poker face. (Lady Gaga reference)

#3…Is it just me or does anyone else get a little tired of “new technology”? I just get used to using something and then an upgrade comes along and all hell breaks loose since the new and improved upgrade doesn’t “do” something that I really enjoyed using and it’ll take a couplea days for the kinks to get worked out….if at all. I’m not complaining about the change so much as the process of really thinking this thing through from the folks who initiate the change to begin with. Being told to just “play with it and you’ll figure it out” isn’t a viable option many days. “Playtime” for me doesn’t include computers.

#4…My best read blog of 2013…was about Hawaii, Pearl Harbor in fact, and not about me in my swimsuit. (apparently I’m not that BIG a deal in a swimsuit)

#5…2013 was a great year for me. I accomplished several goals that I had set for myself. Kept the weight off, dropped 20 points on my cholesterol and enjoyed myself. I have big goals for 2014 that I might be setting too high but for now…I’ll divulge one. To live the Matthew 25 ministry more often. It’s the one where the Lord told us that whenever you clothe the poor, feed the hungry or visit the lonely that you’re clothing Him, feeding Him and visiting Him. I fail in that mission more often than not, and am convicted. I commit myself to work on that as a priority this year, big deals are supposed to do that kind of stuff ya know?

Peace and hope to you and yours this 2014.


2 thoughts on “Five to reflect on…

  1. Love the new theme/name and the 5 list – good stuff. Oh, and still have some cassettes that Hubbs and I mixed, back in the day. They’re the only reason we keep the old stereo, it has a cassette player — every once in a while we’ll throw one on and see what comes up – fun stuff!

    Poker Face is a great treadmill song, by the way 🙂

    congrats on all the milestones this year — 25 years of happy wedded bliss, a cool getaway to Hawaii, increased readership and your cholesterol is down, too? Sheesh. The rest of us have work to do!


  2. Thanks MJ. I’m working my way towards finding out what I need to do (groundwork-wise) to achieve an important milestone. By springtime I’ll know. My readership…as it seems…is falling away in part to me not writing as much. I’m fine with that…as sometimes I just don’t have anything to “say”. Really….I don’t. LOL

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