Honey…bring me my “medicine”, its in the liquor cabinet

I knew that this would happen. I know myself well enough to realize that when I accepted game assignments back in August through October that I’d probably get sick sometime during the season. That time, is now.

I officiate basketball games. My goal for this year was to officiate varsity basketball games as a second year guy. I’ve reached that goal. Working varsity games means working with better athletes, better coaches in front of more people, so my officiating has to be at, or above, the level that I’m working. It’s easy to do because I love what I’m doing, but now a head cold is bringing me down. Last year it was a stomach bug that lasted a week, but I didn’t miss a game. This head cold won’t keep me from officiating, but its the whole “feeling crummy” thing that will put a damper on something that I love. Somehow a person just can’t schedule a head cold to fall onto the right time frame.

Recently as I was standing on the court, watching the players warm up, I thought to myself “Working varsity games isn’t quite what I thought that it would be.” The games are going fine, in fact they’re going great. I haven’t had any problems, what is catching me a little off guard is the lack of sleep. My day starts at 5:15 when I get out of bed, head into the store for a nine or ten-hour day, then I end up driving forty-five minutes or more to the school where my games are for that night. After the games I’ll get home around 10:30 or 11 and will head to bed, then start the whole process again, except with five or six hours of sleep. It’s worn me down, I’m tired and now I’m sick. All of my usual tricks of taking Emergen-C and napping on my days off haven’t fended off the bug that’s got a hold of me now (I may have to “medicate” with some Captain Morgan tonight).

There has been a silver lining to all of this work, I’ve already been assigned to work varsity games for the next season of 2014-15. I have some neat stories from this season to write about in the coming months, and after that…baseball umpiring begins and after that…I’ve decided to officiate volleyball matches. I enjoy these games that I’m lucky enough to be allowed to work, and be with the kids and coaches who I enjoy officiating for. Until then, keep warm, be safe and enjoy life.



6 thoughts on “Honey…bring me my “medicine”, its in the liquor cabinet

  1. A couplea Captain’s and Coke helped me sleep well and chase the scratchy throat, so it helped in that regard. Just gotta figure out if I can use him at work! 😉
    Good to hear from you Roxy!

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