Maybe its the lowered expectations that come with being middle-aged, like this morning on my day off….I was awake and ready for the world at…(wait for it) 5:45 AM. Or the way that the garage had four new tires on our car in just twelve minutes! (It pays to be first in line is all I’m sayin’). Literally twelve minutes after I walked into their front door I was walking out with four new tires on the car. Incredible!! Or the way that the lady at the shoe store told me why my feet aren’t fitting my normal size anymore (my arch’s are starting to flatten out). Who has two thumbs and didn’t know that was happening?! ME! That’s who. Or…maybe its the way that our cat caught my attention this afternoon…laying in the bright afternoon sun, readying herself for a sweet afternoon nap in the sunbeam and me thinking to myself “THAT…is a great idea!” so I took one too.

Something different did happen today. Our oldest daughter is still looking for full-time employment. She’s applied for and has been interviewed several times by an international corporation. They’re looking for people who know both the English and French languages, which she does. She’s been flown to the company headquarters for an interview, had her background checked and rechecked, and had a number of phone interviews. Today’s interview was done almost completely in French, in our kitchen. The company felt that the interview would be better on a land-line phone…which only old fogies like I and her mother possess…so I got to eavesdrop on her from time to time even though I didn’t understand a word of what was said.

The father in me wanted to pick up the other phone line and tell them “hey…I just wanted you to know a couplea things about our oldest daughter. She’s traveled to and studied French in France not once but TWICE. She’s loved the French culture since she started high school and continued with it in college, earning her major in it. She’s currently holding down two part time jobs and making her college loan payments AND rent payment by herself which is no small feat these days. She’s a good person, a hard worker, honest and her dream is to work for you…so give her a job…would you please?” But I didn’t pick up the other phone line, I folded laundry and kept quiet. I hope that she gets that job, but life will go on if she doesn’t. The problem is…this. This is how I still see Jordan.

This is how I still see our oldest daughter...from time to time.
This is how I still see our oldest daughter…from time to time.
Jordan the international traveler, somewhere in France on a train
Jordan the international traveler, somewhere in France on a train

The world sees a totally competent pretty young lady, whereas I see a goofy little girl who loved to wrestle with her Daddy, read books and had endless energy. God-willing….someone will see the potential that she has and will give her the opportunity to prove herself.

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