The Fabulous Friday 5

#1…With Springtime temperatures supposedly in the fifties this weekend most folks will be going hog-wild opening their windows, cleaning their garages and grilling out after a long and bitterly cold Midwestern winter. As for me…I’ll be working inside a store hoping that the hundreds of hamburger and hot dog buns that I ordered sell briskly to those wishing to grill out (some play the ponies, some play Keno…I play the weather forecast verses bread sales, which I’m paid to do). When I was a kid growing up on a farm I could always tell when my Mom got “spring-fever.” I’d get home from school and all of the windows of our house would be open (they’d be washed too), and amongst other things…our bed sheets went from flannel to cotton sheets. I really enjoyed this since the spring/summer sheets had been stored all fall and winter in our cedar chest. There was just something about getting into bed those first few times with everything so new, crisp and good smelling.

#2…I made a pan of brownies the other day to soothe my aching soul from a head cold, and promptly ate three “man-sized” pieces. My wife made her usual remark “you just ATE THREE BROWNIES?!” while I finished off an ice cold glass of milk. “Growin’ boys gotta eat” I replied as I patted my stomach and put the empty glass into the dishwasher. My wife, a four year college graduate & present grade school teacher, doesn’t know simple “MAN MATH”. Three brownies equal ONE piece of cake, two regular pieces of pie for her equal one for me (I always assume that there’s a decent sized air pocket between the top crust and the filling unless, of course, you’re serving pumpkin or sour cream raisin…then you’d better scale back a little but add some Cool Whip. The same goes for cookies. Its not the amount that you eat…its how big the cookies are and how filling they are. Don’t even get me started on OREO’s. It’s quite simple but she simply doesn’t wish to learn anything more at this point in her life…which is sad since I have a lot to teach her.

#3…Do you know how you can tell if your wife’s best friends are coming over for dinner tonight? All of the bathrooms (except the one that I use) all have new delicious smelling pump hand soaps in them. Dead serious. We seem to have found some new good smelling candles too (where were they when someone decided to steam some broccoli the other day…heh?). As you can guess…I’ve been asked to keep a low profile this evening even though her friends love my witty off-the-cuff remarks.

#4…Since February 25th 2012 the top countries of my avid RICH RIPLEY readers are as follows: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia (G’day mate!), Brazil, Indonesia?, Germany, France, India and (drum roll please…) Chile (which is one of my favorite foods…so yeah…good job everybody). Take Monday off.

#5…With one daughter in Japan attending college and another accepting a position with a worldwide airline company we only have one little girl left in our house…and at the tender age of almost 18, she’s all ready to fly the coop to college. Soon enough we’ll be “empty-nesters”. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. In one sense…its the natural progression of what we wanted our girls to do, but it seemed to happen so fast. Photo albums show me that they didn’t age from 8 to 18 overnight, but my throat gets tight when I think of how fast the last ten years have gone and my eyes have a little trouble seeing those photos…it must be the light or allergies making me mist up. I guess that I’ll just have to wait around and see what the next ten years bring. God-willing…more wonderful memories. Take care and God bless.



3 thoughts on “The Fabulous Friday 5

  1. Your pastry/pie/cake/cookie math had me rolling on the floor! That’s exactly how my Dad did his pastry math, too!
    New hand soaps are ALWAYS a sign of company coming ๐Ÿ™‚
    And #5 had me choked up, too. Your little birds are flying the nest, RR … well done but sniff sniff!


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