Frigid Friday 5

Totally FREE of charge to you….another RIPLEY INDUSTRIES Friday 5 (not to be confused with last weeks “Fabulous Friday 5”)

#1…I work retail and consequently…several Sunday’s a month I find myself at the store TOILING AWAY. What bothers me are the Christians who look down on those of us that “work on the Sabbath.” While I understand where they’re coming from I see many of them shopping either prior to, or after church, or make others work by going out to a restaurant, etc. I usually get my “Sabbath” during a weekday, taking time to “do” my Christian stuff then as well as throughout the rest of the week. Honestly…if the only time that you’re thinking or praying to God is for a couplea hours on Sunday morning then you’re doing it wrong in my opinion.

#2…The oak trees in our backyard, being the comedic sadists that they are, release many of their leaves during the late fall and, oftentimes, winter months. This leaves (pun intended) hundreds of thousands of leaves just lying around our backyard where in a couplea weeks they’ll choke out the young, fresh grass that’s trying in vain to grow. GRASS-KILLERS those dead oak leaves. So I fired up “Ol’ Red” (my cheaply built, cast iron push mower that weighs roughly 500 pounds) and pushed it back and forth over said dead oak leaves…turning hundreds of thousands of dead oak leaves into BILLIONS OF DEAD OAK LEAF BITS. With it feeling like 26 degrees out there with a northwest wind cruising in at almost 30 miles per hour…I hope that the grass appreciates it.

#3…While traipsing throughout our backyard this morning (read #2) I noticed that the local deer population absolutely loved to loiter on our scenic property (otherwise known as THE PALATIAL ESTATES AND WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS OF RIPLEY INDUSTRIES). What I also noticed is that they have quite healthy digestive systems and are TOTALLY AT EASE…fertilizing our yard. (I doubt that they’re eating dead oak leaves)

#4…Not being much for setting goals I find myself kinda pumped at trying to become a high school baseball umpire. I should make it, but nothings guaranteed. My goal setting usually ends up less than I had hoped for like when I tried some new weightlifting exercises and aggravated the arthritis in my neck and shoulder last week. Two trips to my chiro and I’m almost back to normal, but that pain is something that I can do without.

#5…My bride turns another year older this weekend. She’s saving up money for her trip to Japan so she doesn’t want a cake or gift, just the cash equivalent for spending $ while in Japan. Here’s one of my favorite photos of her, taken by me last September in her classroom. She was working late and I brought some sandwiches. Connie’s “all business” at school. Goes in at 7AM, doesn’t leave the building until 5 or much later. The reason that I like this photo so much is that she can’t tell if I’m screwing around or just being an idiot (there IS a difference) and I got it on film. I’m funny. I know it, she knows it…but I rarely get her to laugh NOR do I pull the wool over her eyes…for long. This is one of those brief moments. The look in her beautiful green eyes and expression are priceless to me. They say “What…is he doing…really?”

Connie Sue.  Wife.  Best-Friend.  Teacher.  Mother. Comedic foil.

Connie Sue. Wife. Best-Friend. Teacher. Mother. Comedic foil.

Have a great weekend and God bless!


One thought on “Frigid Friday 5

  1. She’s adorable and your love for her is always apparent 🙂

    I love the quip about the folks shopping before & after church.

    Good luck on your path to becoming a HS umpire!! MJ

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