Five Friday Notables

#1…Two weeks ago I inadvertently injured a muscle in my neck/shoulder area by working out a little too strenuously. Three trips to the chiro yielded no relief. At night I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep, soon enough every thing that I did caused me some sort of discomfort in that area of my body. I broke down and went to our family doctor who, seemingly in minutes, diagnosed my problem and wrote me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug called Sulindac. So far….so good. The pain subsides when I take the pill, and over the course of the next few weeks I should, God-willing, get back to normal. Now that I’m getting older I’m starting to read the informational pages that accompany the prescriptions that I take. Sulindac’s reads like a dry, dark joke (which I did get a chuckle over). Here are some of the notes that are listed on Sulindac: “This medicine is an NSAID. Exactly how it works is not known” (sounds like my career so far). “Sometimes causes stroke, heart attack and diarrhea” (please….go on…I’m likin’ what I’m hearing so far). “Other possible side effects include gas…” my lovely bride (the honorable Connie Sue) didn’t believe me when I read that to her, so she had to read it herself. Her comment was something along the line of “…as IF you needed a prescription for THAT…” So long story short…I’m on the road to recovery….and so far its been a gas.

#2…My old high school, Bennett Community, was a victim of declining enrollment through the years and around ten years ago was forced to shut its doors as a high school and the remaining kids enrolled into nearby communities that had high schools. While the building is still used as an elementary it was a shame to see it closed. I remember many a cold winter night when the town buzzed with excitement over the games that would be played that night against one of our conference rivals. The parking lot would be jammed packed and over-flowed into the side streets. The atmosphere was electric as you entered the gym, with the pep band belting out tunes, the teams warming up and the crowds lining up to get the good center court seats. Your best buddies would be there, you’d check out the other teams cheerleaders and it was THE ONLY SHOW IN TOWN. As a underclassman you’d bide your time until you got to take the floor in a couplea years…wearing the red and white of the Bennett Bombers. Recently they had a “Pack the Gym” night at our old high school with players from the 70’s and 80’s taking the court to play a few games of basketball (yes…there was an ambulance parked outside of the gym doors and NO it didn’t get used). I didn’t attend, but judging from the photos that I’ve seen on Facebook, just about everyone else did. The place was filled. It made me realize that fond memories of thee old high school aren’t exclusive to me alone. Old classmates were playing ball with smiles on their faces and some of them even wore their old uniforms. I hope that they have another one of those Pack the Gym nights, I’d like to go.

#3…Our oldest daughter, Jordan, was finally offered her dream job. I’m happy for her and yet, in getting that job, means that I’ll probably see her less and less. She will be traveling constantly as a flight attendant, probably overseas. What’s a father to do? Pray, I suppose.

#4…I was offered the chance to buy my old high basketball uniform for $5. After almost thirty years and forty pounds I’ll pass. Besides, I only scored one point in my varsity career. One point. Scoring prodigy I wasn’t. Bench warming extraordinaire I was.

From old practice jersey.  I can still SQUEEZE into it...but the JAWS of LIFE are needed to extract me from it

From 1983…my old practice jersey. I can still SQUEEZE into it…but the JAWS of LIFE are needed to extract me from it

#5…I was offered the chance to officiate some basketball tonight, so I jumped at the opportunity. There will be times this summer when I’ll umpire a baseball game in the morning and referee a basketball game at night. I’m really looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend my friends!


2 thoughts on “Five Friday Notables

  1. The list of possible side effects on nearly any RX is enough to make me not want to take them … “may cause rampant laziness, a third eye, hunchback, hairy eyeballs, extreme flatulence and steady moaning…” Um .. no thanks.

    Hubbs organized a HS Alumni golf league – they are all 50+ and every one has some type of lingering … BASKETBALL injury – bad knees, bum shoulder, hip issues, you name it. Watching him get ready for golf today was like watching an AARP commercial — but hey, at least he’s out there šŸ™‚

    congrats to your girl for getting her dream job — maybe will her airline connections she can fly in for a visit or fly you 2 there for one?

    Happy Saturday!

    • your list of side effects cracked me up!

      the aches and pains of middle-age aren’t something that I was prepared for. (keep me appraised of what I can expect!!) LOL šŸ˜‰

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