Four Thoughts For Thursday

I was folding laundry yesterday, plugged into my music…you know…really getting into it when I noticed our eighteen year old glaring at me like only a teenage daughter can do. I surmised that she wasn’t impressed with my Jagger-like moves as I folded wash cloths and bath towels. I paused long enough to ask her “what? you’ve never seen a FREIGHT TRAIN OF FUNK before?!” She left the room shortly there after. My coworkers, and even my wife, tell me that I remind them of ABC sitcom Modern Family’s character Phil Dunphy. Before I watched the show I thought that it was a compliment, as it turns out…its kind of a backhanded compliment. Apparently Phil and I are both well-meaning, non-hip, funny in an awkward way, loving family men. Truth be told…I think that Phil would make a great friend, though I doubt that he’s nearly as good of dancer as I am. It ain’t braggin’ if its true, is all that I’m sayin’.

Work can be a drag….except when you roll with big-name celebraties…LIKE THE EASTER BUNNY. (NUF SAID)

I'm kind of a big deal with my old MISTER PETER COTTONTAIL himself!!  He's really a down to earth kind of rabbit who likes eating out, long walks and watching old movies.  Recently divorced...he's open to dating again.

I’m kind of a big deal with my old friends…like MISTER PETER COTTONTAIL himself!! He’s really a down to earth kind of rabbit who likes eating out, long walks and watching old movies. Recently divorced…he’s open to dating again.

Last Friday I slipped into my basketball officiating slacks again after six weeks off. They were….a little more snug than I remembered. It probably has a lot to do with me continuing to eat like an 18 year old kid, but not running up and down a basketball court five nights a week. So long story short, I’m attempting to eat better…that’s why I bought a pound of fresh strawberries to go along with the delicious cake I love (what’s not to love about a cake that has frosting on the INSIDE as well as the OUTSIDE?!) It doesn’t help that the grocery store has assorted varieties of tasty Lay’s brand potato chips on sale for just $1.88!! That’s less than half price!! It’s like they’re payin’ me to eat their chips!! So yeah…I bought four bags.

NOM NOM NOM!!!  It's a fair caloric trade off....?

NOM NOM NOM!!! It’s a fair caloric trade off….?

Guess who has two thumbs and passed his IOWA HIGH SCHOOL ATHELTIC ASSOCIATION baseball umpire exam with a score of 94%? THIS GUY!! My first game is at 5:45. High school kids. I’ll be the base umpire. 45 degree temps with a brisk northwest wind at 10-20 miles an hour. So yeah…I’ll be wearing long johns, gloves and may just have to have another slice of that delicious melt in your mouth blubber adding cake…just to stay warm.

Now certified for school games

Now certified for school games

Have a great weekend friends!!



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