A storm begins with just a slight breeze….

Just a few random thoughts:

  • I’ve been helping with the training of new basketball referees the past few weeks.  On the first night, as I was standing along the baseline instructing a rookie official, one of the guys that helped me along the way when I was a rookie walked by and shot me a sly smile and said “Remember when you were in their shoes…?”  I do remember those nights, it seems like ancient history.  I was so green.  Everybody in the gym knows how to officiate the game.  Everyone.  The coach.  The players.  Mom.  Dad.  Uncles and Aunts.  Poppa and Granny.  Everyone….except the two or three people in the black and white striped shirts.  It looks simple.  Its not.  There’s a lot to remember and make split-second decisions on.   See a player travel.  Strong whistle and arm up with an open hand.  NFHS approved “travel” mechanic done slowly.  Point to where the ball will be inbounded and run to your next primary coverage area.  Simple as herding cats in a rain-storm.  As we wrapped up the last night of on court apprenticeships (they worked some kids games for free) a mother came over to our group of officials and started complaining to us about our officiating.  Mind you…they’ve worked maybe a game, for free and the official scorers are volunteers as well, but the mother of one of the players wouldn’t take those reasons and told our officials that they were “blind” and that they needed to work harder.  Long story short she was told to “get lost”.  And now you know why its hard to get folks to work sporting events.  Parents.
  • Did you know that for every athletic scholarship offered that’s there’s at least one hundred academic scholarships?  Food for thought for all of you parents out there.
  • Last night I accidently set my alarm to wake me up at 5:15 PM, not AM.  I was still on time to work.  Can’t sleep in if I wanted too.
  • I get butch hair cuts now.  Quick and easy to care for, except that there’s always one hair that goes rogue on me.  Somehow it ducks under the repeated passes of the clippers and then gets all brave and decides to stand its curly self up during my work hours, usually above one of my temples…so I have half a devils horn.
  • My school officiating begins tomorrow afternoon, junior high basketball.  Its the beginning of my 2014-15 season, game one of sixty-one.  Thirty-three varsity games this season.  That’s right where I want to be for year three…going into a storm of games almost every night.  I don’t care if I make it to the post season tournaments…it sounds like the powers that be already have people in mind to do that kind of thing and my name isn’t there and in all likelihood won’t be ….I’m doing this for me.

Have a blessed week my minions!!



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