Now I’m gettin’ grumpy…

By this time of the basketball season most coaches know what kind of team they have.  A few have exceptional teams with many victories verses no losses.  A few more have good teams though it depends on the night that they’re playing.  Many have “Jekyll and Hyde” teams that are good in the first quarter but lose focus and things get ugly from there and then there’s the handful of teams that despite their best efforts are winless.  I’ve had the whole gamut this season.  Recently I had a game where the combined records of both teams were 1-19.  Now the upside of that kind of game is that it should be competitive….one team is looking to get their first win while the other team is looking to get win number two (for the record…the winless team won their first game in close to three years.  Talk about a postgame celebration!!

This season, my third, has been about proving that I belong out there.  60+ games, mostly varsity.  Lots of running.  Late nights.  Five hours of sleep.  Getting up at 5 AM and doing it all over again.  Its been physically draining, though thank God I had the foresight to schedule a few well placed vacation days after a stretch of games that would’ve been real difficult to recover from.  I’m getting old, I need time to rest.  My body aches from head to toe from the nearly “five nights a week” of officiating games.  I’m working through some minor injuries but it hasn’t slowed me down…much.  Its fun.  I love it.  Its probably keeping me more fit than killing me…but sometimes I wonder.

I told my wife that for Valentines Day she could get me a massage, a professional, work me over like I’m a ball of bread dough MASSAGE.  I think that it could possibly go like George Conzantas’, but maybe not.


Thanks for reading and God bless.



4 thoughts on “Now I’m gettin’ grumpy…

  1. Definitely get the massage – BUT – I warn you – book it for an evening when you have nothing “big” going the next day. Why? You’ll be wiped – WIPED out – from it and will sleep the sleep dreams are made of — and the next day you’ll be sore. Just my experience, and I hope yours is nothing like George’s was – funny stuff!! MJ

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