Terrific Ten…or so it would seem…

Fun facts as I turn 50 that you never, ever knew about me…and now that you do…deal with it.

  1. I don’t like the Beatles or Elvis.  Never have.
  2. Whenever someone tells me that the loudmouth who’s making a scene about his or her cause should be listened to because they’re “passionate about their cause” I reply…so was Hitler. 
  3. I’ve found that the less factual and more ambiguous that I am about something…the better my stories are.
  4. I’ve found that honesty and forthrightness has gotten me further in my career (as it is…) than walking away wondering “What the **** was that all about?”
  5. I grew up in the early eighties thru mid-eighties and I’ve never seen the following movies:  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Porky’s, Grease nor any of the Rocky’s. (some of you just lost your mind)
  6. In the fall of 2007 I worked for the hamburger chain Red Robin for five hours.  True story.
  7. I own a pair of cheap sneakers that I wear exclusively inside of our house to keep my feet warm, combine that with my fleece pullovers and BAM!!  I’m now Mister Rogers (it could be worse I suppose…)
  8. I’m usually behind the music scene by roughly fifteen years…who’s this new group called the Foo Fighters?  They’re a terrific bunch of boys!
  9. Being fast with a quip or witty response is fine, but I’d rather be intelligent.
  10. If I were stranded on a deserted island (with the caveat that it had plenty of clean drinking water, a warm shelter, clean clothes, satellite TV, medicines, a laptop with Wi Fi, a Sleep Comfort Adjustable bed and I could have these meals air dropped to me daily…) and I could only have six foods, those six foods would be (in no particular order…): Bacon cheeseburgers, assorted pizzas, tacos, deviled eggs, chocolate chip cookies and ice cold 2% milk.  That’d pretty much do it.  If I could add a seventh…it’d be delicious ice-cold Coors Light.
My wife....she mocks me and all of my alter-egos...

My wife….she mocks me and all of my alter-egos…

Peace and God bless…



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