Dear Dad….

…its been four and a half years since you passed.  Where has the time gone?  Regardless, I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on:

  • Holy crap!!  You’ll never believe who we have to choose from for Presidential candidates. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb.  Is it any wonder that I dislike politics so much.
  • Moms doing great.  Full of vinegar, good health & lively spirit.  She’s going to stay with your sister for a bit in July.
  • Jordan’s in Costa Rica tonight.  She’s a flight attendant.  We’re real proud of her.
  • Karalee graduated from the U of Iowa this past May.  She’s going to JAPAN in July to teach English to Japanese kids (that’s 5300 miles away from us).  She’ll be gone for at least a year.  Even though we’re real proud of her we’re anxious and concerned about not being close to her.
  • Macy left the U of Iowa this spring after her sophomore year.  They dropped her program so she’s opted to be a nanny in Germany for a year then go to a university in Berlin.  It’s a free education, she speaks German and at twenty years of age…quite independent.  We’re proud of her too…but Germany is 4541 miles from us.  Good Lord Dad…the furthest that us three sons went is five hours away from you and Mom!!  We’re a little worried about her as well.
  • Connie is doing great.  I love her a lot.  She moved out of the classroom and into a mentor-type position with a local educational center.  She enjoys the change.
  • Dan and Brian are doing well.  Dan’s close to retirement, while Brian’s getting closer.  Both are relishing their roles as grandparents.

father days 001

  • Me…well…I’m doing all right.  I think of you often.  I wonder if you spend time with your parents and in-laws.  Does Grandma Ripley still make her pies with that killer meringue?  What are the Wagners’ doing…playing cards?  Has Grandpa Ripley finally caught a fish bigger than Grandma’s? (I doubt it…).  I wonder if you’re in the bleachers watching me work a game?  I wonder if you watch over Jordan as she’s taking care of passengers on a flight?  I wonder if you’re sitting with Mom watching her watch TV at night….wondering when she’s coming home to join you?  I wonder if you’re with us or even given that option.  I wonder a lot.  I wonder if you know how much we miss you?  How much I miss you?

Its been said that “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. They were right about that, though its a sad and lonely fonder.  Take care Dad.  We still love you, and we miss you.


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